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Playing Both Sides

So you support Trump, or any fake puppet in politics an call yourself a Christian person of God?
Despite various place sin the bible you people need to realize we have rulers and dictators. Not leaders of men, and certainly not appointed by God.
The Word says to trust in God to defend our rights. Of course there are also examples of defending one’s own home and cities from tyrants …
However, our “rights” are all taken away because we have removed God from EVERYTHING and have allowed the system to lead us astray. We depend on ourselves or the system to take care of our needs. We depend on money and self serving agendas to survive.
Only time we seek after God is when those methods fail. Or we seek Him to provide what WE see as our needs or someone else’s needs. No one is seeking after His will anymore.
The discernment to know the difference between good and evil has been washed away by our own personal baptism of greed and wanting. there is no heart for God anymore. Its all about having a heart of gold now.
We have blindly or lazily given over our trust and our integrity to those who would openly destroy us. We care more about sports and entertainment than anything else. We allow the medical and pharmaceutical companies to keep us sick and dependent on them. We send our children off to be re-educated and reprogrammed for financial slavery, and when any child cannot keep up they are treated like test subjects for all sorts of scientific practices that only messes them up even more.
Some of our worst crimes against God are the acceptance and willful act of celebrating paganism, divorcing without cause, buying into false wars, and most of all just sitting idly by shaking our heads at the atrocities surrounding us everyday. Yet we finally draw the line at the homosexual controversy … which in the end is what got Soddom and Gomorrah fried!
Its time to do more than just wake up folks. Its time to move and prepare. You think God is just going to waltz in and sweep you away when you have done NOTHING for His Kingdom? Your blind arrogance sickens me.
God doesn’t need talkers, He doesn’t need you to attract more crowds with popularized worldly methods. He needs you to both seek and tell THE TRUTH! he need doers of His word as much as speakers of it. The church has become a mockery of the Holy Ghost!
Now I understand in this society we are plagued by that we can be very limited by the regulations of constant disabling set backs. A lot of which we caused ourselves. Others laid down by government law and protection racket rule. I know form personal experience just how little effect holding up any moral standards can have. I also know too well the negative reactions it brings and the persecution that follows.
Fine, great so they don’t want the truth, they don’t want to hear it. Guess what? All God wants is for you to have tried! You cannot have a burden for souls or feel the anguish of God’s heart if you don’t see the reality of humanity at it’ worst. That would mean have no real conscious.
God calls many, many do not listen. Only few are chosen for a reason. What if that reason is because we ignored the call … ?

The Bully Everyone Loves

This is actually not my first blog on Bullying …

I was a volunteer during a local surfing competition this past week. This is the story of my experience …

This man, we’ll call him Charlie, works in association with the National Kidney Foundation and Rich Salick surfing competitions. After having several unpleasant encounters with him, including shoving me during the first day of setting up, avoiding him the 2nd and 3rd day, he finally pushed me over the edge, and I allowed my mouth to lose it’s temper …

Upon returning from a job inquiry where I had just been hired, I went to get my badge and had gone around to help out on several occasions and checked with others to see if they needed anything. I hadn’t even been there 2 hours yet. Most people had things pretty squared away by that point, but I did manage to assist with a handful of tasks in that time.

At the start of lunch he begins accusing me of not working and demanding I leave. I informed that I had done several things then I stared at him for a moment. He asked me at that point if I knew who he was. All I saw was a bully with a big mouth and big stomach. I’ve dealt with bullies since childhood, and I never backed down from them. I can smell them. They wreak of trash talk and are always full of bull …

I didn’t have a problem with anybody else. None that I was aware of anyway, but I do not tolerate people who behave the way he does or the way he treats people. Everyone else, I swear it’s like they have battered wife syndrome. They see nothing wrong with his behavior. So I walk away very angry after standing up to him, and I’m seen as the bad guy. I wasn’t going to win this battle and that’s what made me so angry.

Just a like a typical bully tho, he “goes crying to mommy” so to speak and threatens to call the police … while I was on my way out already. As if it would matter after I’m gone.

Considering how pleasant everyone else in charge was, this guy is just an embarrassment to the foundation and the sport …

None of them even know that I’m homeless. I’m not a drinker or an addict. I don’t smoke anything. I was hoping to get a good reference out of doing this. I had hoped that maybe being affiliated with the organization and surf sport might help in finding work in the area. I’d been struggling for a while trying to find employment.

Needless to say my chances were blown and I didn’t get to eat much on this day.

This is why we live in a government tyranny. Because people justify, minimize or just plain do not see the reality about someone like this man. And it’s men just like him, or worse who control our country … and then everyone accepts the lies and propaganda about a person like myself, rather than believing the truth.

Honestly, the truth is I’m nobody. Just an abandoned husband and forgotten father who means nothing to anyone. The other truth is that no matter where I go or how I try, I’m simply not allowed to be myself, because being myself is not being like everyone else …

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