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Self Entitlement

“As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever.”

1 Chronicles 28:9

Know thou the God of thy father – “Knowing God,” in the sense of having a trust in Him, is an unusual phrase in the earlier Scriptures. It rarely occurs anywhere else in the historical books. David, however, uses the phrase in his Psalm 36:10; and its occurrence here may be accepted as evidence that the entire speech is recorded in the actual words of the monarch.

During David’s last sickness, many chief priests and Levites were at Jerusalem. Finding himself able, David spoke of his purpose to build a temple for God and of God’s disallowing that purpose. He opened to them God’s gracious purposes concerning Solomon.

David charged them to cleave stedfastly to God and their duty.

David says, Know thou the God of thy father, and serve Him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. God is made known by His works and word. Revelation alone shows the whole character of God, in His providence, His Holy law, the condemnation of sinners, His blessed gospel, and the ministration of the Spirit to all true believers.

The natural man cannot receive this knowledge of God. But we learn the value of the Saviour’s atonement and of the sanctification of the Holy Spirit, and are influenced to walk in all the Lord’s commandments.

It brings a sinner to his proper place at the foot of the cross as a poor, guilty, helpless person deserving wrath, yet expecting everything from the free mercy and grace of God our Father, the Lord Jesus. Having been forgiven much, the pardoned sinner learns to love much.

Too many people seek forgiveness, yet do not seek change, truth and wisdom. Many believe they are doing right by God, but are decieved and misguided.

Lack of discernment or lack of caring or both are lost to the whole of society. God’s Holy law has been forsaken by us and yet we have the audacity to believe He us has forsaken us …

Self entitlement has been the ruination of churches and societies throughout the ages. Today it’s a far worse plague on mankind than it has ever been.

New World Country Fried

​Folks look. 

This is not the new year. The year doesn’t begin anew until spring. God’s new year, the Passover.

If a product says it’s not a GMO product, it is. If a product says it’s made in the U.S., it wasn’t.

When our soldiers go into the field, it’s to mass murder and pillage for corporate tyranny. They don’t fight for us, they protect an ungodly way of life.

Recently I have read many upon many Scripture that we all ignore or forget about. These things I’ve stated are only few matters covered by those verses. 

In my times of long suffering and overwhelming loss I was witness and victim to more reality and truth about this country, the church and the people in it than most dare to even ponder.

During those times I feared for my soul as much as for so many others. I’ve grown tired of trying to be a messenger. Nobody understands that the church alone is responsible for the foundation of a society. No one is willing to accept that the churches in this country are not being persecuted and shut down simply because they are not in the truth. They’re just like society, pagan and conformed to a false way of life, a counterfeit Christianity. A cult of Christianity. 

Idolatry and fake government has us so badly divided. Protection racket law enforcement has us fearing the wrong things and trusting the wrong people. 

Protesting and letter writing, town meetings and voting are false means for making change. They are deceptive methods of a system created and designed specifically to keep us from going to God and ourselves for self sufficiency …

When this nation was invaded by Columbus and his slave trade ships they started calling it the New World …

Think about that. The last days have been around for centuries. There are only a small number of truly godly hearted people left in this country keeping from being fried. 

We should all endeavor to be counted as one of them … 

Boycotting 9/11

Staying off the social networks and ignoring football today to avoid all the false patriotic garbage over 9/11.

It was our own government who brought down the buildings with bombs to start a fake war so they can push tyranny on weaker countries murder innocent people and steal their resources. The pentagon was never hit by a plane either. They made sure no one of political importance was in that section and blew it up themselves.

Since I’m on this subject, most all televised school shootings and public attacks are also orchestrated by the American government, CIA and NSA terrorists in this country They send in highly trained individuals to do the job then put fake culprits and crisis actors on t.v.

Anyone who thinks this country was ever built on godly values or was ever a free society are in serious need of a wake up call. The system is not broken. Its working exactly as it was always intended. To keep people blinded and divided …

Even John F. Kennedy and many others tried to warn us and were all assassinated for it. This country didn’t even want to be in World War 1 or 2. We had our chance to stand against the military take overs of other countries after Vietnam.

We allowed ourselves to be manipulated each time and now look at us. The only thing we are united in are lies …



No Concealed Weapons

Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The library here has a sign that states “No Concealed Weapons” … So I inquired “Does that mean we can be here openly armed?” … Answer: “No Weapons” … “You can take it up with the police” I responded “I don’t take anything up with the police and you should change your sign”

Meanwhile there was a carnival outside full of kids. The first thing I thought was that if a guman came here and started shooting, I might be the only one armed, and if I protected the people I would be the one to get in trouble. Why? Because the gunman would be a government hired hitman!

I could never have made the library supervisor understand that. This is the problem people are blinded from …

Police Agenda

If the police weren’t such tyrant bullies there wouldn’t be so many incidents that they get themselves killed. Chances are the people acting against the police have sufficient cause or are defending themselves.

Lets face it. 90% of what the police do is harrassment and charging people with stupid things to make money. Basically being dictator’s puppets.

The police forces are the only ones who show up at protests ready for a riot, then they do something to make sure there is a riot. Thats their job.

Law enforcement is what keeps crime on the streets and causes unsafe living environmemts. We ought be policing ourselves under moral, biblical based ideals.

Police are involved in most criminal activity. They are not undercover cops, they’re undercover criminals, drug dealers, etc.

Police work for criminal organizations run and controlled by government sedts, Mafia. Freemasons and so on.

Their jobs are to show up in numbers and create trouble. Face it people, they are not our friends!

Police Complaint


I wrote this letter to the local police station …

First, I am a minister and do not appreciate having a scene of police around my house. I have a clean record and so on …

I Just had a local cop bring 2 extra back up along to our house after returning our dog because I was armed … over our dog getting loose. There is no reason too give us a warning and wait for another opportunity to force money from us.

They were trying to set me up and trap me into making trouble. I know full well that’s how police are trained, to intimidate and make someone nervous so they will react. I was not going to give them that satisfaction and walked off to let my wife deal with it.

I go everywhere with my side arm, its an open carry state. Most everyone praises me for it and tells me they feel more comfortable and safe because someone is armed. I meet many others who usually conceal carry. I also have a permit for that.

These tyrant enforcers come by with 3 cops because they see me armed over a loose dog. Other neighbors have helped us with the dog and nobody else has ever complained about it or gave us some ridiculous tyrannical warning over it. They certainly are not bothered by my firearm. I specifically pointed out that I am armed because I live so close to a police station. in most places I’ve lived, police are the most dangerous people on the streets and deep in most of the crimes.

At least these guys respected my wish for them to stay on the sidewalk and deal with my wife. Your badges do not make you any better than anyone else. 3 cops over a loose dog is an embarrassment and public harassment. My side arm was just an excuse for causing trouble. They must talk to hundreds of people who are armed and they don’t even realize it.

He could have simply returned our dog and moved on. I said thank you. There was no further business necessary.

Then suddenly we are trapped in our house like criminals after he demands we don’t go anywhere while they sit outside and write up a statement.

What if several armed people went to that cops house because they know he has a firearm? How would that go over? We did nothing to warrant or deserve that kind of attention, and as a minister I am not going to file any formal complaints. I chose not to even get his badge number.

Better than that I am going to forgive and pray …