Women In Leadership (Not In Gods Church)

God has ordained that only men are to serve in positions of spiritual teaching authority in the church. This is not because men are necessarily better teachers, or because women are inferior or less intelligent (which is not the case). It is simply the way God designed the church to function. Men are to set the example in spiritual leadership—in their lives and through their words. Women are to take a less authoritative role. Women are encouraged to teach other women (Titus 2:3-5). The Bible also does not restrict women from teaching children. The only activity women are restricted from is teaching or having spiritual authority over men. This logically would preclude women from serving as pastors to men. This does not make women less important, by any means, but rather gives them a ministry focus more in agreement with God’s plan and His gifting of them.

The gift to prophecy or interpret do not suddenly put women (or men) in a position of authority either …

One major issue is that there are women in positions and roles they are Scripturally forbidden to be in. I have several biblical based messages on this issue, but mine at the moment is with two things. One is that they should not be talking during the sermon. Women have no place telling the speaker to “Preach It” or “Tell It” even saying “Amen” is pushing it when the bible clearly states they ought wait til later to inquire with their husbands. Or sitting in the pews chatting during altar calls. Whats with the open and public praying standing at the altar in a trance during the sermon? I have seen this often and find it very offensive and disruptive of God Spirit trying to work … for that matter there are plenty of men who ought be listening better as well … 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

The other issue on women is with them leading song service. In the church, the Pastor is ultimately responsible for leading congregational worship. But that doesn’t mean our worship leaders have to be Pastors.

However, given the importance of congregational singing, our worship leaders are fulfilling a very important role. They aren’t simply leading “music” – we desire them to direct people’s hearts, minds, and wills to the truths that they’re singing. Their role includes elements that involve a degree of teaching, leading, and ministering, which we know the Bible says are male roles in the church. For that reason, all our worship leaders ought to be men. In my home church song service was lead by our Assistant Pastor, but I never agreed with altar calls suddenly having control given over to women singers (leading) the worship and praying …

The women ought only be participating in, but not leading, the worship. When women are leading the worship or carrying the spiritual aspect of the altar calls, and men start to praise and glorify under that influence, it is NOT in God’s Spirit or in His truth. They are enchanted or essentially bewitched. If God wants for the woman to solo sing for a moment or to prophesy He will take over …

Men ought be leading choirs and singing groups and for that matter there shouldnt be any real need for “regular” rehearsals. Its not a concert or a performance and perfection is not necessary. If you wish to rehearse, do so before service.

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