No Way Out

The feminist hypocrisy took over in more than just soap operas.

“I love you and I always will but that doesn’t matter, it’s over between us” … was a line from the series Charmed. Stupid double minded witchcraft.

Charmed did more than just inspire witchcraft. It evolved more into a feminist double standard hypocrisy and Leo, who was suppose to be an all powerful Angel became a whipped dog allowing himself to be bossed around …

So much of what we see today is the power that’s been given to women to ruin a man’s life. A man with money or just the right friends and influence can ruin a woman’s life, but a woman doesn’t need money, she can use the law …

I have no money, friends or influence. So it was easy for the mothers of my children to ruin me over and over again. I never had a back up for being a family man and minister. So here I am still in poverty, looking at being a homeless a 4th time, all because I’ve been left alone in a society where “white privilege” is a lie …

We see so many depictions of women with dragons or serpents, and it helps encourage “girl power” but the reality is that it’s the devil influencing such idealism. Feminism is not bout equality. It’s about control. The same is said for a certain identity illness. That is also about destroying manhood.

We are distracted by racial issues, fake fear mongering news about disease and war, so many false flags and paper tigers thrown in our faces as well as the entertainment and sports industries keeping us from revolting.

We think just because the political leaders are mostly men that means anything. They’re all puppets too, and women do a lot to influence things in politics and espionage just as they do in our churches, keeping them bewitched and outside of God’s truth …

My own defiance against the iniquities of society has contributed to my overall failure in life. The consequences of reactions from haters of truth have caused so much damage. Not only in my life, but in those of my children who even if any of them know about me, are being raised with lies …

It’s gotten so bad I can lose a job on only my second day for something that I could not possibly be faulted for as an untrained, unpracticed employee. Reasons and logic have never been needed for the universe to work against me. I’ve suffered tragedy after tragedy and betrayal after betrayal since before I was 10 years old. I’m 43 now, and my life is nothing but a dark, painful, lonely existence as a result of my efforts, my faith, and my boldness.

Even my prayers of late have not yet granted me a way out and nowhere to run …



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