The Drifter (Tonight)

June 12

I’m in an impossible situation here with my neighbor and even asking God to deal with him somehow hasn’t changed anything.

Information I read about neighbor harassment says to gather, but I already did that,and nobody wanted to see it. I held up my phone camera, pointed it at the wall and recorded his actions on several occasions. I quit doing it because it takes up memory, nobody cares to look at them. Not the landlord or the police. And he is just too random when choosing to hit the wall or yell thru it at me. He even knocks on my door now with onlooking hallway cameras and he is getting away with it because he isn’t being punished …

So clearly reporting him anymore is useless. He just lies and keeps right on going. Unfortunately the only actions left for me to take would just get me thrown out or arrested. That’s how the law works. The person who is driven to retaliate because no one does anything is the one who gets into trouble …

And constantly going to the police will also lead to me being thrown out as well …

My headphones only block so much. When he hits the wall,my whole room shakes.

I’ve lived up here for over 2 years causing no trouble. There is no place for me to go except back on the road to be homeless in Florida again.

I’ve seen residents up here get tossed for far less, and yet because this so something that’s disturbing only me, it isn’t being stopped. That’s the typical story of how my life goes.

This guy brags or lies to others in the hall about his behavior and they take his side …

I need someplace else to go. But of course having lost yet another job thru the temp agency, I don’t have any source of income once again.

So if the landlords don’t stop him, the law doesn’t stop him, and prayer has neither stopped him nor helped to improve my living or financial circumstances …

Becoming a drifter for the 4th time like I was considering just over a month ago when I was jobless is all I’m left with … and I don’t want to do that either. However my kids have no idea I exist because of my previous homeless experiences, so why does it matter anymore?

Heading south west, I might be better off the way things are looking, and I certainly don’t wish to pay rent to keep staying here like this …

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