Current Situation Since May 27

So I haven’t posted much recently, and I usually only ask for prayer regarding my health. I can still use that. However this is about my neighbor’s behavior ever since I started my current job. In the last few weeks he has been utterly disrespectful of the fact that I work first shift. He bangs on the wall, blasts his music, turns up the bass, yells thru the wall and harasses me. I don’t react to him, but ignoring him hasn’t made him stop. The owners know about it. If anything has been said to him, he doesn’t care. And I know they can also feel his bass downstairs as well. I’m the only room next to his so its not affecting anyone else. If it was, he would have been thrown out already … So I need prayer to resolve this because any action or reaction on my part will only get me in trouble. Including involving the police. I’ve tried during the last 2 years to find somewhere else to live where I have my bathroom again. Clearly I’m stuck here unless I can save the money to leave and go somewhere warm again. I have no reason to keep staying in this cold state since my 2nd marriage ended. I’ve been alone and completely miserable staying over this bar for the last 2 years. The neighbors are worse than the bar. I need a way out and into better living circumstances … I miss my loved ones, but I also having a porch and a yard …

June 3rd

So update on this. Nothing has changed. I’ve even got recorded evidence of his behavior and deliberate harassment. I’m barely getting out of bed for work. Calling the police in this building will just get me thrown out … I almost came to blows with him today and other people are taking his side. I could potentially get thrown out just for complaining again and I still have to pay rent this week to keep living in these conditions

June 8th

Well to add to the stress of a bad neighbor, I just got dropped from a job I actually liked and was looking forward to being directly hired on. Stories were completely made up likely because one person had an issue with me. I tried getting the job back to no avail …




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