I’m in the middle praying as I started this …

I have admittedly not done much reading directly from the Bible during these last 2 years. I’ve read scriptures, but not in the Book. Well I just read Psalm 40 and realized as it states preaching to the great congregation that I’ve only made videos and posted written messages online. Nobody is going to put me on a pulpit.

Ironically my larger following is only in Facebook. To add up all my pages and topics I may be close to 15,000. However not every topic is a biblical or political subject, so not all of them consist of people who would care to hear much truth about God or government.

I use other sites like YouTube, WordPress and I have a forum, but they are very small in numbers and nobody watches the videos that I’m aware of.

Some pages are littered with haters who I have their words blocked so no one sees their comments and so I’m not deleting and blocking them all day long.

I would have stopped all my FB pages a long time ago if it hadn’t been for the more positive responses I get during the last few years. Because honestly it’s very burdensome. Especially in my current state of mind which is no secret from anyone that has been paying attention.

Many of you have kept me in prayer, as well as a good minister friend of mine in Florida. The only minister I know who speaks the truth. He gets to go speak in churches all over his area. I think most of the people thosee congregations don’t change their ways, but he at least has their respect. He struggles financially also, but he has people in his life.

Where as I quite literally have no one. My goal and dream to be a minister and family man have both been utter failures mulitple times. Sometimes I have no idea why I still share on my ministry pages. Call it self created personal obligations I suppose.

Now this scenario where they want to push NWO agenda on us, and I don’t even have a job anymore. Great timing. It’s people like myself who are going to be caught up in this chaos first. I wish I had means to get out West or South of the border and get off the grid because I am not suited for being rounded up and forced into shelters or camps. I’ve already lived that way more than once and it’s an absolute nightmare.

Maybe I wouldn’t be any kind of resistance leader or revolutionary, but at least I’d be in a position to do things better than their way …

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