2nd Amend… – Not!

I’m so sick of hearing about the 2nd Amendment,the Constitution, Declaration and the NRA. The government knows that less armed people equals more crime and gives them more freedom to sanction attacks on our population!

Laws are made for control and money. No other reason. The Constitution is meaningless. It was a tool designed to control us by giving us useless methods to defend our freedoms under false pretenses!

The system was designed to keep us from taking necessary actions against it. The so called civil methods are the very methods created by the system … Think about that! That’s why nothing ever gets fixed! The system is not broken. Its doing exactly what it was always intended for!

Politics is a puppet show. We cry over sheets of paper with words on them, and we blindly defend sheets of paper with words on them. Taking no real action. Giving them the very control they need over us so they never lose power.

The NRA is a political sideshow. No real basis in freedom or rights.

Public shootings are government oriented and always have been long before video games!!! In fact a large percentage of gamers dont even own any firearms!

Governments have committed mass shootings and for centuries using brainwashed hit men and conditioning people of all ages to activate at the right times … and they always target areas where they don’t expect armed civilians to be around to stop the shooter.

All of these major televised public mass shootings … Some weeks ago a shooter walked into an Oklahoma City restaurant and was stopped by 2 armed civilians, But that never made the national news! However, the media does often report a major incient too early, half an or so before it even happens yet … Think about that.

The red, white and blue has destroyed more than its ever fixed or helped. Its sickening and discouraging how blind people are to that …

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