Little powers at the mercy of bigger powers.Politics before morality.
Expediency before justice.The darkness was there all along and we still refuse to see it. I saw it when I was young …And did not understand it until recent years …The growing division, the sense that we are lost and drifting in the streets, the homes, the temples …You can hear in the people’s chatter, see it in their manner.An anger just beneath the surface, a gnawing dissatisfaction …A self involvement above the needs of others …No matter how many lies we are told or atrocities the government commits against us, we shake our heads and go back to our distractions and enjoyment … We hang ribbons, stare at the news and propaganda just before turning to sports or some ridiculous program …The Constitution is a meaningless document. It was a tool designed to control us by giving us useless methods to defend our freedoms under false pretenses!We sit at the beach while our troops destroy and occupy other countries the same way our own nation came into its current making …We argue over truth and defend lies. We accept monsters as heroes and persecute the heroes. We treat betrayal like an everyday normalcy and allow money to control every aspect of our lives …Murica …

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