Breaking Down The Waltons

You remember when The Waltons had a fire and brimstone preacher and made him look bad … They even had a little girl scared into the believing the devil was after her…

Which really isn’t that funny. I know of a little girl who was attacked in her sleep. She was my adopted daughter who was recently taken from me. I know I made the devil angry when Grace started leaning towards God and prayer along with me even while the rest of the family was falling away. So I was banished from that home and the devil has had his foothold back there for over a year now …

That was the second marriage taken from me for sharing truth.

What angers me about shows like this Waltons episode, is how they made proper preaching seem like a horrible thing. Having that feminist witch with a very ungodly attitude didn’t help matters … Then she gets to lead a service 😒

A lot of old western shows and movies did the same thing. Making preaching against evil seem evil itself. Making the minister out to be crazy and no one listens to him …

That has had a huge influence on today’s society. Even when a lot of people still enjoy fired up preaching, it really does nothing to change them. They continue to live like just hearing the word is enough …

People forget that sinning alone is not what God would punish people for. Its also the attitude of a sinner and how they behave when confronted by truth that makes all the difference.

I believe Olivia cut her hair one or twice in the show. So did the girls eventually. That was upsetting. I learned that the first time I started pointing out scriptures about long hair on women. I was met with some very heated attitudes over merely showing them what the bible states.

On the flip side, many times when someone attends an apostolic church for the first time, they are met with judgmental arrogance from the church women about hair clothes instead of being allowed to learn and grow on their own. So they never return and are jaded by Christianity’s representatives.

On the same note, sometimes guests are scared right out of a service during times when it seems to be a holy ghost movement … But I want you to think about this. The bible says to worship in spirit and in truth. If that church is in fact not worshiping in truth and carries bad attitudes, then it is most certainly not God’s spirit scaring those people away! No more than God’s sun gives people cancer!

We as humans will not achieve perfection. We can only keep striving for the ultimate goal. For some like myself, it just seems an impossible task.

P.S. All my personal writings on Dead Dragon Society are titled with “The …” just as most all the Walton’s episodes were.


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