Overarch Of Evil

Concerning the half truths and lies that Star Trek would have us believe … We may have come from a single cell organism, but God still did it. He created man from the ground. That ground obviously had to be composed of something else God made. There may have also been a Big Bang, but God still did it. The universe didn’t just appear on it’s own … And we did not evolve from apes or fish! I’m sure if they could, they’d find that conclusion quite insulting.

My biggest problem is that I’m not good in debates, and these people who believe in such falsehoods could care less what the Bible or any logic says. It’s really quite amazing the amount of confusing contradictions they live by. Some believe in God’s word, but also believe the Earth is flat. Which is clearly a conflict of doctrine.

Just like we have Druids who incorporate God’s word into their beliefs, and Christians who observe so many pagan rituals … and the pagans are insulted by that folly.

We all know who the author of these lies is. Unfortunately, too many people simply don’t care or can’t be convinced.

Furthermore …

It was the demons, fallen angels, Nephilim, even whatever the true nature of the named Annunaki are … it was them who taught paganism, witchcraft and other religions to our ancient cultures long before Christianity was common knowledge. 1000’s of years before Christ came down to us, our world was already corrupted with greed and self serving idealism. Even after the flood, some of Noah’s family went back to the evil ways and that carried over into the future.

And then after Christ rose, evil and corruption still grew. Catholicism and other twisted versions of our beliefs eventually took over. Teachings of the Holy Ghost and true baptism became things of controversy.

Then the Dark Ages, instead of waking up the world, gradually turned into what we know as the Renaissance period. Filled with knowledge and wonder, but much of in defiance of God.

The term “nothing new under the sun” is far more accurate than people realize. The ideas of issues like alien races, false flag incidents, political unrest, slavery, pornography, evil use of medicines, child sacrifice, media propaganda, etc were just as common in those times. The only real difference is the progress of technology in the last 150 years that has allowed our minds to be more easily influenced by the same dark agendas that have always existed. We’ve been taught so much false history …

Some of the most common consequences of technology are laziness, loss of family or moral values, poverty and fake wars …

All the talk of evolution. Seems to me that we have devolved …

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