This Existence

I’ve been Firebrand Ministries for nearly 8 years on different networks and sites. Youtube:

There is a younger guy using my title on Youtube who has 100’s of 1000’s of views and almost 3000 subscribers. He has only been at it for half that time. Do you know how many subscribers I have? 16! And many of my views were just from myself getting the link to share my videos!

I know of at least one other person who also has Firebrand Ministries as his title. That person is not in the truth either. This young guy I mentioned may be saying some good words, but I don’t see any teachings on Baptism and paganism, and holidays or the truth about government and politics.

The last 10 years of my life have been riddled with betrayal and persecution. Of course my entire life has been like that. I’ve got nothing to show for it. Since the loss of my second marriage and a good life, I’ve been delivering papers, stocking shelves at McDonald’s and I live in a room over a bar …



Lately I’ve just been posting here Dead Dragons Society


Its all been for nothing. My children are all living lies being raised by imposters, and I’ve accomplished nothing. I didn’t accept this role just to get myself into Heaven and leave the souls of so many loved ones behind. I was never in it for self gain.
I no longer have any idea who I am or what I’m supposed to do. All I’ve become is just another nobody who has failed in life. I don’t know what it would take to make me believe otherwise …but this existence isn’t it.

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