Devil’s Mental Illness

Something occurred to me.

I’ve been referring to homosexuality or being confused about ones gender as a devil’s mental illness. As are most mental illnesses. Well I suppose there are a lot of variables involved here, but the Bible states that God has a plan for people with various mental disabilities and I their impairments. “1 Corinthians 12:24”

So it made me wonder how many of these LGBT people are genuinely lost to a point where they cannot fathom their own sin enough to even realize there is a problem.

Of course there are plenty of them that are deliberately very arrogant and rebellious who God could never accept. As well as there are straight people who fully embrace the lifestyle as a normal, natural occurrence just as Christians embrace pagan traditions as godly …

Just as we have so many falsely diagnosed people who use it as an excuse to get away with things, there will be an abundance of gay individuals who find absolutely nothing wrong with what they’re doing.

We can’t know who will be in Heaven later, but I know we might surprised who ends up in Heaven and who ends up in Hell. Because our true knowledge of God’s universe is limited …

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