Gun Control For Dummies

I am so sick of TV and movies basing a person’s career type or social status on whether they should be carrying a gun. Or saying “buying a gun is not the answer” …

Over a hundred years ago most people had firearms either in their homes or on their hips and saddles, and there was a lot less killing because of it. Even to this day most murders don’t even involve guns. Neither do most felonies.

People seriously need to understand that 90℅ of gun control laws have nothing to do with getting guns off the streets. It’s about getting guns from average everyday citizens and taking away their ability to defend themselves. Whether against a common thug or so we can’t stand against the government when they eventually and finally come after everyone …

People also need to understand that the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment don’t mean a thing. It was written trojan horse to gain control over society and cause us to use the system’s own methods to fight the system, or to make us believe someone else is fighting for us in a fake political puppet show, and with the NWO military industrial complex … and that is why nothing improves …

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