Wrong Ideals

During the 90’s there were these “Take Back The Night” rallies against rape and other violence from men. Certainly there is a serious matter to deal with here.

However, there are also so many men out there who’s lives are ruined by some girl’s bad choices or lies or because they’re the ones who are actually guilty of something while the men are the real victims.

In today’s society and in many marital situations we are riddled with dysfunction because of the total breakdown of what a home and family environment should be. Too many influences pulling everyone in so many directions and pushing us to the limits of our own ability to maintain a sense of sanity, of humanity and of reality.

We have allowed ourselves to be destroyed from within. Yes, we give too much power to government rule, but much of that started in the home, and even before the feminist movement after the war. Which was no accident. There was always an agenda …

Entertainment has been the greatest and easiest tool of use to twist and confuse the minds and hearts of millions. What with so much false history mixed with truth in film and music. Thousands of lies told by media and a puppet show for the politically brainwashed …

It keeps us all arguing and even defending the wrong ideals with misguided passion and unfocused eyes …

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