Freedom Is A Lie

I watch various shows that portray a lot of truth about what the governments are truly about. Recently was Nikita and Alias. These 2 programs reveal so much about what really happens right under our noses and the fake cover stories fed to the media. The worst part about it is that they finally give the heroes their due and make it look like the country actually has any freedom to protect, but in reality all they end up doing is making excuses for keeping the secrets in order to protect themselves from us …
Nikita surprised me, and was actually better than Alias, but the kinds of endings like these stories display are just fantasy. These people had to sell their souls to gain their freedom. It doesn’t work like that for everyone in real life. Trust me I know. The freedom to truly live is so far out of reach for most of us.
In the real world no one person or one group of people are succeeding in fighting for us. Whenever they make a dent, they’re shut down and a cover story is put in place to make them look like the enemies.
In the real world, a person who is declared an enemy of the state is most likely a friend to the people. I am not saying that every so named terrorist group out there is fighting for something besides themselves, but most of them are not wrong and most of them are standing against government rule, and with good reason to do so. They don’t use the fake methods like voting or protesting which were created by the system to try and change the system. They are trying to shut the system down. But because too many people are scared little sheep, these groups are never strong enough …
Governments are the terrorists, or are controlled by psychotic sociopaths who use our fear, money, distraction and the deception of the American dream to keep us under control, to prevent us from stopping them …

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