My Final End

I’ve been robbed of my sanctuary and my altar, my bibles, the care of a daughter and the love of my dog, my dream aquarium hobby, a life I invested hours and days of prayer and cried out to God to repair the damage that was done … many sleepless nights.

Instead the home has been lost to devils …

Now I understand Grace’s bad dream the previous night when she came across the hall crying to me. I believed she feared I’d be gone she held on pretty tight and hugged even tighter just this morning. It was like she knew …

Her mother has done this to her … her mother’s mind and heart have been taken the darkness. I’ve seen it so many times and fell victim to it more than once.

Now I am homeless … for the third or fourth time now because of persecution and a devil’s hatred for my desire to lead loved ones and save souls …

I was never supposed to go thru this again. This family was God’s gift for my salvation and I was theirs … they were my redemption and I failed them, and they failed me …

What is there left for me now … A shooting spree? People have done it for less. Drinking? People have become drunkards for far less. Drugs? People have died for less. Turning to hate … turning off the love and care for others, the desire to be someone who matters?

I have lost who I am. I have felt myself bein removed from other’s memories and forgotten too many times …

I hate what I’ve become. I’ve forgotten my own name …

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