Staying Hungry

This morning I opened up this little book of scriptures and passages to a page that was referencing Psalm 139 … At the exact moment I was starting a David Wilkerson message published on Youtube 9 years ago. He was reading form Psalm 139 …

Times when we know God is communicating with us doesn’t make what we go thru any easier. He may very well be trying to also communicate with others in our lives, but people make their own choices or don’t allow themselves to be convicted ,,,

Our households and families are divided by the very things that were prayed against, children are far more interested in their toys and games and less discerning of things that are wrong.

We start telling God “well if things were as they should be, this would be happening or that wouldn’t be happening” and some times we may be right. However trying to get thru to people can many times bring retaliation, even persecution.

The question isn’t where is God? The question is where are the people? Some of us are meant to be leaders of the very people who ignore and resist or have just forgotten …

We wonder “how can these people still be so blessed when they betray God? Then I’m reminded of the 40 years in the desert when God took care of the people even thru the murmuring and complaining. That murmuring and complaining is what kept them their as long as they were” …

I find it confusing myself at times. I wonder whether I should be praying for conviction to befall someone. Certainly that a desire for God to be restored … but maybe I pray wrong. Maybe I don’t pray enough. Perhaps I don’t do as much as I should be with prayer and study …

Believe me, I know how tiring it gets. I know what it is to lose motivation when the world around you moves faster and further
from God. We ask ourselves, why should I bother? Just for my own soul? I think the answer lies within the fact that we feel such a burden for souls and are so heavily weighed down by the lack of commitment from others and knowing where a lot of lost loved ones will go … it hurts and its scary.

It becomes hard to pray because we don’t have words anymore. We don’t know what to ask or how to ask. So do we just sit in silence and meditate on His word? That’s one path many of us should take more often than we do …

Meditate and listen. If that’s all you have energy for then that’s what we should. Whether we do so after reading the word or hearing a message. Turn off all the distractions, put down the devices, and go to your secret closet, or in my case I have the sanctuary.

You see I talk to myself as much as I speak to any of you. I am not infallible. I know how difficult it is to stay hungry …

We ought be living not only on bread alone, but on every word from the mouth of God. Well we can’t do that if we’re doing all the talking or listening to everything other than God …


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