Salvation Is More Than Just Baptism

You cannot revolve an entire system of beliefs around just one verse in the Bible? Acts 2:38 is the most widely used Scripture to promote the overall apostolic faith. They claim that they follow the whole word of God when in fact they ignore and deny much of it.

What’s worse is that we do not even have the full bible as it was before many books were removed. But that’s another issue …

There is so much more to consider after being baptized. Like dropping satanic holidays and pagan traditions. Like helping people instead of turning them away and leaving them in government hands. Like being less materialistic in church and at home (also holidays and pagan traditions) and being more concerned with preparations and survival plans.

Like realizing politics and government control your entire lives with lies and deception. Using military and police to dominate and destroy. Creating mass shooting incidents with trained hitmen and putting a false shooter (actor) in the news. Like admitting this is not and never was a free country. That our “privileges” and resources are stolen with the blood of innocents falling at the hands of our armies and always has been.

Our entire country is built and maintained on corporate lies, slavery and mass murder. Just being baptized isn’t enough. You have to wake up to the lies before you can even begin to preach any truth!

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