Boycotting 9/11

Staying off the social networks and ignoring football today to avoid all the false patriotic garbage over 9/11.

It was our own government who brought down the buildings with bombs to start a fake war so they can push tyranny on weaker countries murder innocent people and steal their resources. The pentagon was never hit by a plane either. They made sure no one of political importance was in that section and blew it up themselves.

Since I’m on this subject, most all televised school shootings and public attacks are also orchestrated by the American government, CIA and NSA terrorists in this country They send in highly trained individuals to do the job then put fake culprits and crisis actors on t.v.

Anyone who thinks this country was ever built on godly values or was ever a free society are in serious need of a wake up call. The system is not broken. Its working exactly as it was always intended. To keep people blinded and divided …

Even John F. Kennedy and many others tried to warn us and were all assassinated for it. This country didn’t even want to be in World War 1 or 2. We had our chance to stand against the military take overs of other countries after Vietnam.

We allowed ourselves to be manipulated each time and now look at us. The only thing we are united in are lies …



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