Police Complaint


I wrote this letter to the local police station …

First, I am a minister and do not appreciate having a scene of police around my house. I have a clean record and so on …

I Just had a local cop bring 2 extra back up along to our house after returning our dog because I was armed … over our dog getting loose. There is no reason too give us a warning and wait for another opportunity to force money from us.

They were trying to set me up and trap me into making trouble. I know full well that’s how police are trained, to intimidate and make someone nervous so they will react. I was not going to give them that satisfaction and walked off to let my wife deal with it.

I go everywhere with my side arm, its an open carry state. Most everyone praises me for it and tells me they feel more comfortable and safe because someone is armed. I meet many others who usually conceal carry. I also have a permit for that.

These tyrant enforcers come by with 3 cops because they see me armed over a loose dog. Other neighbors have helped us with the dog and nobody else has ever complained about it or gave us some ridiculous tyrannical warning over it. They certainly are not bothered by my firearm. I specifically pointed out that I am armed because I live so close to a police station. in most places I’ve lived, police are the most dangerous people on the streets and deep in most of the crimes.

At least these guys respected my wish for them to stay on the sidewalk and deal with my wife. Your badges do not make you any better than anyone else. 3 cops over a loose dog is an embarrassment and public harassment. My side arm was just an excuse for causing trouble. They must talk to hundreds of people who are armed and they don’t even realize it.

He could have simply returned our dog and moved on. I said thank you. There was no further business necessary.

Then suddenly we are trapped in our house like criminals after he demands we don’t go anywhere while they sit outside and write up a statement.

What if several armed people went to that cops house because they know he has a firearm? How would that go over? We did nothing to warrant or deserve that kind of attention, and as a minister I am not going to file any formal complaints. I chose not to even get his badge number.

Better than that I am going to forgive and pray …

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