Doxa Church

A new breed of Christian is on the loose in the American church today. One which stands on popular opinion  (doxa) Everything from low standards in our image to an overly high esteem of ourselves …

This group is organized, unified, and very numerous, yet they do not even know it. Tho I believe many of the more influential persons do. It has no formal membership but its numbers rank in the millions. This group’s members do not even know they have enrolled. (Such as Catholics) This movement is mysterious and vague, yet is present in every church today. The core issues of its fundamental belief centers around the individual himself. The participator is his or her own ultimate authority. Every whim, want, and will is fostered and fed until it becomes large enough to be branded as Gods will. (Indoctrination) Its defense and insulation from outside conviction is the accusation of judgment and personal relationship. This new breed submits to no one but themselves yet they are amazingly obedient to the allegiance the movement demands. They are “Illuminated”

The Word is of private interpretation to these people and words like submission, accountability, judgments of God, and obedience are only accepted if they fit within the parameters of their already planned wants and desires. Their favorite sermon is always the love of God back dropped against the absence of consequence and true repentance. Jesus and His cross are a great idea as long as it doesn’t cost them their lusts, families, desires, children, money, or time, for these things are what God is supposed to give them, not what they are required to relinquish.

The fact that Muslims are more diligent in obedience and morality to their religion than these people are to theirs no longer convicts them. They have heard every sermon there is to hear and their heads are deeper than their hearts are. Their bookshelves are filled with the latest best sellers yet they themselves are not changed.

These people are full of blame and judgment against anyone who would dare to try and show them they are wrong, because these people love their pride more than they love their God. They are dividers, backsliders, and the full epitome of the warnings that Paul gives in *2nd Timothy* … yet even explaining this to them, they simply do not see it. To them, anyone who convicts them by life or word is extreme, judgmental, called different, or branded as just flat wrong.

Theses people are great workers for their work is a blessing unto themselves, yet they are for the most part prayer less, fruitless, defeated and deep down they know that something is wrong with them yet won’t change anything to fix it. Fasting is out of question and the last time they have ever led someone (truly) to Christ is not even spoken of, because most never have. They undermine the commandments of Jesus by a spirit of freedom from the law, and grace is their favorite word, but this grace has done very little to change them from the spirit of this world. They watch the worlds movies, use the worlds language, submit themselves to the worlds lusts, all in the name of the grace of God.

What has happened to us? We have no wish to hear sermons about the devil and his tactics against us, nor about the judgments of the God we say we love. We have pulled out a few verses in the New Testament and built more on them than God intended. God has been reduced to a proverbial “Satan Clause” who calls every person that names His name to come and sit in His lap so that He can lavish them with blessings and love regardless of their piggish lifestyle. The fact that salvation is ever continuing, even after being baptized, and that God will judge the works of “believers” does not concern them one bit.

In their minds Revelation is a book that will happen after they are gone and even it if doesn’t they are not a part of those that God comes back to slay, all simply because they prayed a little prayer one time, but have lived pretty much the same sinful walk since then. The reality that salvation is being saved from themselves, being a new creation, with nothing of the old around is utter foolishness to them. The culture they live in has conformed them more than the word of God has transformed them.

God’s plan was to change us, not convert us just to be moral beings. Jesus didn’t bleed to make you a nice person. He bled to give you power to be a son as He is, in FULL obedience to the Word that He gives us power to keep, by abiding Him through love.

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” *1 John 4:10*

We have fallen far enough that the influence of the church today has not been able to stop abortion, suicide, and the horrible spirit of religion that rapes millions of souls every Sunday morning. The principalities have won us over! All of this because we have made religion about what we like and what we want, instead of what God is and what God desires!

Man has become accountable only to himself, therefore he will never rise higher then who he currently is. Tho, in reality we are ALL going to be held accountable by God in the end … and many, many, many will burn in Hell!

Investigate your life! See if you see any of this new bread’s creed is carved in your heart. If you do cry out to God for mercy and get into the Word you will be damned for it. Humble yourself and God will lift you up from this mire, then the righteous of the earth will no longer wonder what has happened to you … they will rejoice along side with you …

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