Paying Into The System

In a proper world, a preacher wouldn’t have to work for pay to live. In the corporate church when a Pastor’s congregation grows passed a certain number, generally about 200, then the organization starts paying them a salary. Well where does that money come from? What with all the self serving fundraisers most churches use to make money, why do they need to be a part of a corporate collective? They don’t, a true House of God is not run by money. Those are dens of thieves controlled by Freemasonry and worldly objectives.

If you have a place with a 6000$ rent or mortgage plus all the costs of various self serving materialism,  sound systems, entertainment … not to mention all the paganism and idolatry from government flags to crosses to decorated trees, none of which glorified God, but insults Him.

You do nearly nothing for the poor, nothing to actually help people get back on their feet, nothing to teach or encourage self sufficiency and preach very little if any truth …

Your praise and worship is not in spirit and truth. Your celebration blatantly ignores that which God intended His House to be used for. Your prayers are based on false ideas and you know nothing of true joy because you know nothing of Gods anguish …

You draw in a world with worldly based, seeker friendly methods and are dragging millions into the pit along with you. America is the new Rome, the new Babylon, because of how badly the church been lead away from the truth for the last 200 years. It started in this country with the pagan holidays being incorporated and given a false God Approved label. Then the story by the wizard Charles Dickens destroyed any chance of the already ungodly nation becoming a Christain nation.

I say already ungodly because it was never created by godly men. It was built and still is being built by theft, mass murder and financial slavery. Columbus was a slave trader. ISIS and Al Qaeda are American organizations. Politics is a Hollywood side show. And I think Putin is being lined up as another pontential AntiChrist the same ss Gorbachev was …

The U.S.A. was a forefront agenda for bringing the final plans leading into the New World Order. Over 150, nearly 200 countries are occupied by our military. Many because they were forced to accept Rothschild banks and the worthless American currency. That’s an empire, not protecting freedom. We have no freedom. We need bought and paid for permission to do anything and everything that man did for thousands of years without government regulation. Every dollar we spend goes back into the system …

Just like church fundraisers … and that is where every nation that has fallen begins. Giving Satan a foothold within the walls of our churches and our homes and our communities and so on, and so on.


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