Loss Prevention

So I lost another person I considered a friend. He delete me without reason. Was someone who never followed my pages and he still helped me out. He was from Germany. I looked up the name he used and it isn’t there. Someone else has the same name, but its a woman.  He didn’t use an actual name and his real name doesn’t come up. I don’t know if he read something he didn’t like. I know he wasn’t all the way in the truth. Others that did things for me have removed me for that reason.

This is the same reason I fear finding someone else. I have a no tolerance policy which I live by, and when I have to compromise that for the sake of peace, it just shows who has the power and control in a relationship. Meaning its not God, and Im not leading. Or being allowed to. Which also means the devil would have a foothold in the marriage.

Getting over heaps and passed issues is one thing. Things taking time is a given. However when you have a downright rebellious attitude and there is sun going down on your anger … Ive learned the hard way that women will irrationally use any excuse for a cause to break up, or get a legalized divorce, no matter how ridiculous it is. Then they throw a bunch of irrelevant junk on top of it to justify their actions.

This seems to be case with friends as well. I’m certain Ive been guilty of it and I know I can act foolish in a relationship too. But if I had used any excuse to break up, I never would have gotten as far as marriage in the first place. I’ve seen men who commit crimes, act like a complete ass in public, insult their wives and talk down to them in public, treat other people like trash, and cant even pull their pants up or talk with proper English … yet their woman stays with them. Either out of fear (stupidity)  or because, and this has become a very popular trend, they can control and manipulate the guy, basically have him whipped.

I see it just as much in the church as anywhere. When the women are running everything and making all the decisions, minimizing the problems and claiming things like “its for the kids” or “its just for fun” or “no harm in it” … Wrong. The shephard has lost his flock and has allowed them to run amuck. Or the Pastor is a false prophet. The latter is the likely scenario.

People ask how I so often can connect so many issues into one message. Well, because everything is connected. We just choose to seperate issues so we don’t have so much to focus on. So we can have our fun and celebrate without worry or guilt, without knowing Gods anguish and feeling conviction.

This is why we have division handing the nation. Its the reason so many millions are unified under a blinding light and when its suddenly dark, hatred and malice take over. Because we fear truth. We fear reality. We don’t want control over our own lives. We need that regulation, and so we accept it. Even when its all lies and deception …


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