Bad Fork

Society has created a fine line between loving a person and hating their sin. The gay issue is one of the best examples of this. Its hard if not impossible to be friends with someone when you’re against their lifestyle and you see where its taking them.

Well the same goes when you see someone you care about making the wrong choices because you know somewhere down that path they will get themselves hurt or worse, but only you can see it.

Acts 24:27 is about letting the popular decision over rule the right decision …

When everyone else supports a person in their choices then the one who does not suddenly becomes irrelevant and obsolete. So then the non supporter is on the outside of a situation looking in, and when it all goes to chaos he or she can only shake their heads because those people had fair warning, but didn’t listen.

Judges 8:23-27 is about allowing God to lead, but throwing your own ideas in the mix …

I have made poor choices both with and without fair warning. I am no better than anyone. I am my own worst critic. People say live and learn, but never actually learn, they continue going back to the same mistakes, the same wrong people, the same bad path.

Exodus 32:1-4 is about impatience and jumping on the first bad idea that comes to mind …

This is why in the two plus years I’ve been alone I have not gone back to the relationship cycle. I’ve said if I wont be with my wife and daughter again and God wants me to be with someone new, then He will have to make it happen. He knows what I need and who would be right …

Well this does not stop the devil from trying to prevent it. This is what I mean about living and learning. People have lost discernment and logic. Everything has to be made difficult. There are times when I question my discernment, however there are times I know I am not wrong about certain situations and I know Who the source was that provided such discernment.

The hardest thing a person can do is allow someone to screw up. Even if it comes years later. Its even more painful to watch when its personal. Some lessons should never be learned, because it leaves people in a bad place that they may never get out of …

Genesis 3:6 … Taking a path you were warned not to …

When God tries to put obstacles in front of your bad choices, do you walk around them or stop and rethink?



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