What A Place, Poor Child

I’ve had about as much as I can take of this life to begin with, let alone sitting on McDs just for internet and drink refills … and unfortunately having to eat here sometimes.

But this isn’t about the food industry …

This place is obviously only interested in benefiting the rich. What with the horrible price gouging just because it’s in Florida on the ocean. I just witnessed them treat a customer really badly who had his daughter in his arms crying over getting a toy.

I came into this late. All I gathered was that apparently they couldn’t run his card and he didn’t have enough cash to buy everything, including a happy meal. So he made an issue about it and the manager merely stated they sell toys for $1.69. Understandably the customer didn’t take that well, but he held his composure. On his way out he said “what a place, poor child” …

I wasn’t fast enough. I was going to buy the kid a toy, not for him, but for his daughter and to put it in their faces too see a homeless man do a kind act. The guy disappeared out the door. I didn’t see where he went.

I just couldn’t believe how so many hypnotized sheep, including other parents can bear witness to such things and do or say nothing. I missed my chance.

In my miserable state right now that moment just laid things on me even more heavily. My wife witnessed me helping people all the time. Whether it was the customer ahead of us on line who was short the cost or stopping in the middle of moving traffic to help push a broken down van to the side of the road (Yes that happened) …

Why has it become so damned difficult for people to care about others without expecting anything in return? How is it they have forgotten the difference between helping and belittling or enabling?

I am trying not to start crying while typing this up. I want to be in a position so badly to not only be a godly testimonial for marriage, but to help others who actually need it and straight up deny those I know to just be pretenders and addicts.

There is a fire burning in me to be relevant, to be real, to have purpose. How can I save people when I myself need saving …

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