Just Feeling Grateful…Really!!!

People need to be more than grateful. Soany could be helpful. MNy could provide jobs. Many could provide rooms.

Of course this takes discernment because a lot of “homeless” are frauds or drunks or addicts and of course the mentally unstable.

I am not any of those. I’m literally and genuinely alone out here …

Stan1's World

Almost about EVERYONE knows just how much I LOVE the RAIN…and these last couple of days we’ve been experiencing non-stop rain, up in the Mother City…as much as I’m Loving this weather and HATING the cold…I can’t stop thinking of those who don’t have 4 walls, a roof, warm blankets and a hot plate of food every night…and it breaks my heart…

So what I’m saying is that we NEED to be grateful for everything we have and thank God on a daily basis when we open our eyes, and struggle to get up out from those warm covers…

I’ve always heard that ones biggest accomplishment on a daily basis is when you get out of bed and go out and tackle the world…the EASIEST thing to do is to just lay in your bed and think about everything that is going wrong in your life…and this, SADLY, is what…

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