Loss Prevention

So I lost another person I considered a friend. He delete me without reason. Was someone who never followed my pages and he still helped me out. He was from Germany. I looked up the name he used and it isn’t there. Someone else has the same name, but its a woman.  He didn’t use an actual name and his real name doesn’t come up. I don’t know if he read something he didn’t like. I know he wasn’t all the way in the truth. Others that did things for me have removed me for that reason.

This is the same reason I fear finding someone else. I have a no tolerance policy which I live by, and when I have to compromise that for the sake of peace, it just shows who has the power and control in a relationship. Meaning its not God, and Im not leading. Or being allowed to. Which also means the devil would have a foothold in the marriage.

Getting over heaps and passed issues is one thing. Things taking time is a given. However when you have a downright rebellious attitude and there is sun going down on your anger … Ive learned the hard way that women will irrationally use any excuse for a cause to break up, or get a legalized divorce, no matter how ridiculous it is. Then they throw a bunch of irrelevant junk on top of it to justify their actions.

This seems to be case with friends as well. I’m certain Ive been guilty of it and I know I can act foolish in a relationship too. But if I had used any excuse to break up, I never would have gotten as far as marriage in the first place. I’ve seen men who commit crimes, act like a complete ass in public, insult their wives and talk down to them in public, treat other people like trash, and cant even pull their pants up or talk with proper English … yet their woman stays with them. Either out of fear (stupidity)  or because, and this has become a very popular trend, they can control and manipulate the guy, basically have him whipped.

I see it just as much in the church as anywhere. When the women are running everything and making all the decisions, minimizing the problems and claiming things like “its for the kids” or “its just for fun” or “no harm in it” … Wrong. The shephard has lost his flock and has allowed them to run amuck. Or the Pastor is a false prophet. The latter is the likely scenario.

People ask how I so often can connect so many issues into one message. Well, because everything is connected. We just choose to seperate issues so we don’t have so much to focus on. So we can have our fun and celebrate without worry or guilt, without knowing Gods anguish and feeling conviction.

This is why we have division handing the nation. Its the reason so many millions are unified under a blinding light and when its suddenly dark, hatred and malice take over. Because we fear truth. We fear reality. We don’t want control over our own lives. We need that regulation, and so we accept it. Even when its all lies and deception …


The Other Side Of Sex

” But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully, knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine”

1 Timothy 1:8-10

The Bible is clear that vulnerable people should be protected and cared for, endangered people should receive justice, and abuse of any kind is a sin.

Nobody wants to talk about this, but lesbian and gay relations are more than same gender matters. It also falls in the incest category.

There is an entire world of everything from crossdressing to reverse rolls even between married men and women. There is a lifestyle behind closed doors that involve siblings, and parents alike, And don’t forget those swinger parties …

Everyone likes to think that divorce and adultery are the worst things going on in the churches. Wrong! If the statistics are true that 1 in 3 families suffer from various kinds of abuse, or other sorts of dysfunction, I guarantee these sexual matters are very much involved in many of them. and not just in the immediate family either.

I made the statement once that the media will throw claims out there like “many times a child is abused and assaulted by another relative” … in order to cause fear and mistrust between families. Well the sad truth is that this particular claim is not entirely false. There are many, many different kinds of relationships happening between relatives, best friends and especially on the internet.

I mentioned in a previous message about kids meeting in their rooms or getting motel rooms to have relations involving crossdressing and making videos. Many of these young people are lured into traps, however many others go willingly, and their videos are surfing all over the web getting thousands, if not millions of views all over the world.

Its not just in this country. Its every where.

“If a man is found kidnapping any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and mistreats him or sells him, then that kidnapper shall die; and you shall put away the evil from among you”

Deuteronomy 24:7

Whats worse is the amount of money that these people are paid to be in some of the more prominent and glamorous short films. Drugs and drinking can certainly have a major influence over some of these incidents. There are even story lines of girls being corrupted by another girl after reading the Bible. Most of it is acting, but not all …

As I said a lot of this is setting people up and trapping them. This leads into the sex trafficking and kidnapping that the media never covers. Thousands of young girls and boys are taken for this single purpose and then discarded after a time.

This film called “Taken” with Liam Neeson and one by Jean Claude Van Damme called Six Bullets, tho highly glorified, are very realistic films.

There are many Scriptures related to this issue. There are also many sick and lost souls claiming that slavery and forced sex is Biblically permitted.



Bad Fork

Society has created a fine line between loving a person and hating their sin. The gay issue is one of the best examples of this. Its hard if not impossible to be friends with someone when you’re against their lifestyle and you see where its taking them.

Well the same goes when you see someone you care about making the wrong choices because you know somewhere down that path they will get themselves hurt or worse, but only you can see it.

Acts 24:27 is about letting the popular decision over rule the right decision …

When everyone else supports a person in their choices then the one who does not suddenly becomes irrelevant and obsolete. So then the non supporter is on the outside of a situation looking in, and when it all goes to chaos he or she can only shake their heads because those people had fair warning, but didn’t listen.

Judges 8:23-27 is about allowing God to lead, but throwing your own ideas in the mix …

I have made poor choices both with and without fair warning. I am no better than anyone. I am my own worst critic. People say live and learn, but never actually learn, they continue going back to the same mistakes, the same wrong people, the same bad path.

Exodus 32:1-4 is about impatience and jumping on the first bad idea that comes to mind …

This is why in the two plus years I’ve been alone I have not gone back to the relationship cycle. I’ve said if I wont be with my wife and daughter again and God wants me to be with someone new, then He will have to make it happen. He knows what I need and who would be right …

Well this does not stop the devil from trying to prevent it. This is what I mean about living and learning. People have lost discernment and logic. Everything has to be made difficult. There are times when I question my discernment, however there are times I know I am not wrong about certain situations and I know Who the source was that provided such discernment.

The hardest thing a person can do is allow someone to screw up. Even if it comes years later. Its even more painful to watch when its personal. Some lessons should never be learned, because it leaves people in a bad place that they may never get out of …

Genesis 3:6 … Taking a path you were warned not to …

When God tries to put obstacles in front of your bad choices, do you walk around them or stop and rethink?



What A Place, Poor Child

I’ve had about as much as I can take of this life to begin with, let alone sitting on McDs just for internet and drink refills … and unfortunately having to eat here sometimes.

But this isn’t about the food industry …

This place is obviously only interested in benefiting the rich. What with the horrible price gouging just because it’s in Florida on the ocean. I just witnessed them treat a customer really badly who had his daughter in his arms crying over getting a toy.

I came into this late. All I gathered was that apparently they couldn’t run his card and he didn’t have enough cash to buy everything, including a happy meal. So he made an issue about it and the manager merely stated they sell toys for $1.69. Understandably the customer didn’t take that well, but he held his composure. On his way out he said “what a place, poor child” …

I wasn’t fast enough. I was going to buy the kid a toy, not for him, but for his daughter and to put it in their faces too see a homeless man do a kind act. The guy disappeared out the door. I didn’t see where he went.

I just couldn’t believe how so many hypnotized sheep, including other parents can bear witness to such things and do or say nothing. I missed my chance.

In my miserable state right now that moment just laid things on me even more heavily. My wife witnessed me helping people all the time. Whether it was the customer ahead of us on line who was short the cost or stopping in the middle of moving traffic to help push a broken down van to the side of the road (Yes that happened) …

Why has it become so damned difficult for people to care about others without expecting anything in return? How is it they have forgotten the difference between helping and belittling or enabling?

I am trying not to start crying while typing this up. I want to be in a position so badly to not only be a godly testimonial for marriage, but to help others who actually need it and straight up deny those I know to just be pretenders and addicts.

There is a fire burning in me to be relevant, to be real, to have purpose. How can I save people when I myself need saving …

Just Feeling Grateful…Really!!!

People need to be more than grateful. Soany could be helpful. MNy could provide jobs. Many could provide rooms.

Of course this takes discernment because a lot of “homeless” are frauds or drunks or addicts and of course the mentally unstable.

I am not any of those. I’m literally and genuinely alone out here …

Stan1's World

Almost about EVERYONE knows just how much I LOVE the RAIN…and these last couple of days we’ve been experiencing non-stop rain, up in the Mother City…as much as I’m Loving this weather and HATING the cold…I can’t stop thinking of those who don’t have 4 walls, a roof, warm blankets and a hot plate of food every night…and it breaks my heart…

So what I’m saying is that we NEED to be grateful for everything we have and thank God on a daily basis when we open our eyes, and struggle to get up out from those warm covers…

I’ve always heard that ones biggest accomplishment on a daily basis is when you get out of bed and go out and tackle the world…the EASIEST thing to do is to just lay in your bed and think about everything that is going wrong in your life…and this, SADLY, is what…

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