Weapons If Mass Defense

You know its bad enough and stupid enough when movies and TV make it look like such a rare and scary thing for common people to own fire arms.

It’s even dumber when you see these apocalypse, space invasion or zombie stories where most of the survivors have rarely, if ever handled firearms or swords or whatever kind of weaponry.

In the real world its the people with weaponry and various fighting skills who are more likely to survive such things.

They always portray the military and police to have been destroyed as being the only line of defense. Which is also very bogus idealism.

What’s worse is that many people who are armed or own guns and other weapons in the home are still so badly brainwashed by the system and do not understand just how bad things really are.

Many of them are going to be forcefully disarmed someday because they lack a community militia and a well prepared, organized plan for that very event. So its going to be utter chaos in those neighborhoods.

This is what division has set us up for. We are out of sync with one another because too many of us are badly hypnotized sheep who not only believe too many different views, but all the views they defend are still lies!

So when a group of people try to unite for a single cause, they all unite for different reasons and most times under false pretenses or beliefs systems. Therefore division still thrives among them …

These things are accident. Everything from multiple denominations to varying political rhetoric keeps us all from being able to “focus fire” on the one problem.

The one true enemy of our freedom. The wealthy Elite and corporate banking who control and manipulate everything.

I Have No Side

There are two sides to every country, culture and even religion. Not all Muslims blindly support violence and death just as not all Christians blindly support military action, murder and false patriotism.

Of course Islam is a false religion, but so has become Christianity. Where ever the title for “Christian” truly originated, it has been turned into a massive satanic cult that just looks pretty on the surface.

Its hard for me to place any title on myself because doing so then puts you in a category or stereotype. Its impossible to remind haters that most church going people are completely clueless about what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. They are self serving, idolatrous, materialistic and pagan. Its a sad stupidity to see …


I don’t give myself a title. More, I say I am not one of them. For example I wrote this status the other day;

“Too many Americans are not living their dreams because they are too busy living their fears and allowing those fears to be controlled by falsehoods. I am not an American. I was born here, but I am not a blood thirsty, greedy, materialistic, blindly patriotic financial slave for all the wrong reasons and causes. So I am not an American. I’m just trapped here”

Well most “Christians” fit into several, if not all of those idealisms. So therefore I am not Christian either …

Neither do I call myself a prophet or a preacher. Messenger? Maybe. But a messenger of what?  Truth, reality, God?

I question this now more than ever.