I’m Not Rich Because I’m Not Greedy Enough

Last night the locally owned Starbucks was closing up early because of slow business. When I left I saw a huge group of girls coming by and wanted to suggest they go there because the staff seemed bummed out about losing hours. I didn’t, but I wish I had the kind of money where I could have just handed that group a 100$ to go in and keep them open so they wouldn’t lose pay. Of course I could have left a sizable tip just the same …

This is why I’m not rich, because I’m not greedy enough. People think they are not greedy even when they have money in the bank or saved up somewhere. They think they’re not greedy because they work hard to pay bills or to cover the cost of things they don’t even need. Especially bad, addictive habits. For that matter most bills are just another control and slavery mechanism to keep people more concerned about frivolous things while the rich Elite families stay rich and in power …

You can heat a house without using the electricity or gas. Water should not be a utility bill, apartments are “owned” most generally by the same types of greedy people. It’s a vicious cycle …

There are so many other tools and luxuries that could be open provisions if we didn’t allow governments and corporations to control and regulate everything.

Saving up money for things like sending your kids to college only makes you a financial slave and part of the problem. College is a scam. Unless you go for a specific type of trade, you’re most likely going to spend more years working in retail or fast food and paying off more made up debt right back into the same system that’s enslaves you.

Don’t even get me started on medical careers and social work. Those jobs are needed because the problems are created, maintained and keep us sick and needy by the same tyrants they work for!

There is literally nothing we do in this world to benefit ourselves that is not somehow benefiting them a lot more …

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