Ignoring Gods Law, Respecting Man’s

Many of you don’t think something like hair is a big deal …

This young lady at a Starbucks cut off her hair and has it short, hanging around her ears, poofing out from under her hat, it looks awful, but every regular female customer coming thru is telling her they love it. Even the ones with long hair …

Whether you want to use Bible against it or not, its unnatural. I see little children, girls, with hair so short they look like boys running around in a dress. With kids I’d say it’s usually the parents own selfishness wanting to make their child look the way they want, even when the child doesn’t want to cut their hair or get piercings. And I’ll tell you something. Piercing your kid’s ears is child abuse!

Anyway, I have similar struggle with long hair on men. Sometimes I like how it looks. I had long hair myself many years ago. My human side still misses it. However, I know I’m never going to grow it out again.

The fact is you don’t need to feel conviction for every individual portion of godly living or standards, your conviction should lie in living for God by God’s word.

Even when it’s inconvenient …

I mean, many of man’s laws are very inconvenient and you may complain about them, but you still comply, whether it’s wrong or right. We pay taxes, we pay for utilities and buy water, we let them rule by intimidation, we allow them to run every aspect of our lives without thinking anything of it, but when something in Gods word comes up …

“Oh we don’t have to do that!”

So then it becomes about our attitude towards God more than about the issue itself. That is why the church has been pulled so far from truth. We conform more to the opposing forces of worldly unrighteousness and we rebel against holiness and moral righteousness …

This is about more than hair. It’s our own blindness, our own arrogance and feeling of self entitlement that has us lost in so many ways.

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