Pact With Evil

“Sometimes you have to make a pact with evil to accomplish good”

This seems to have become the basic motto for today’s church. Except they are not accomplishing any good after having brought so much worldliness, paganism, materialism, idolatry, and self entitlement into the church …

Everything from entertainment to seemingly simple things like nursery rhymes have infiltrates the minds of society for many decades.

Such things as Clowns and nursery rhymes are rooted from the same evils as the holidays. Most of the rhymes are watered down scary stories or pagan ritual songs. “Cradle will fall” only makes me think of abortion. “Ring around the rosie” is a song of death or sacrifice, perhaps even of children. It’s been suggested as referring to the Black Plague …

Many try to claim that these songs do not mean anything evil. All you have to do is listen to the words. No matter where they originated, they are evil lyrics!

The Bible states many Scripture against encouraging evil spirits. The church more than society has lost discernment and therefore have lost the way and forgotten the truth …

Pagan Christianity

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