Church Of Cain

“But he answered and said – In reply to this artful temptation, Christ answered by a quotation from the Old Testament.”

Matthew 4:4

The passage is found in Deuteronomy 8:3. In that place the discourse is concerning manna. Moses says that the Lord humbled the people and fed them with manna, an unusual kind of food so that they might learn that man did not live by bread only but that there were other things to support life and that everything which God had commanded was proper for this.

From this temptation we may learn:

That Satan often takes advantage of our circumstances and wants to tempt us. He often tempts those in need to be discontent and complain and to be dishonest in order to supply their necessities or satisfy their need to be right.

Satan’s temptations are often the strongest immediately after we have been remarkably favored. Jesus had just been called the Son of God and Satan took this opportunity to try him. He often attempts to fill us with pride and vain self-conceit then will urge us to do something in an attempt to cause us to sin.

His temptations are plausible. They often seem to be only urging us to do what is good and proper.

This is a mentality that is beyond me with some choices that people make. Like my wife doing as she has by turning on me and abandoning me to homelessness. I could never fathom such a tragic move of multiple sins from her in one fell swoop. And she is still living in sin, rebellion and adultery, dragging our daughter thru it, while I exist this way with that knowledge tormenting me daily.

Temptations seem even to urge us to promote the glory of God and to honor Him. Some of the most powerful temptations of Satan occur when he seems to be urging us to do what might be for the glory of God. The church has been overrun and plagued by this blindness.

We are to meet the temptations of Satan, as the Saviour did, with the plain and positive declarations of Scripture. Instead we have manipulated and twisted everything to our own agendas …

Now we live by government rule, support ourselves under their regulations of slave labor and taxes which pay for their fake wars, occupation and destruction of weaker countries. We no longer survive self sufficiently as man was made to do. We thrive on distracting entertainment, controlled food supply, being lab rats for science, and the wealthy keep getting richer while poverty grows daily. The latter is also the fault of the church losing it’s way.

This nation gets no results from the lines “God Bless Our Country” or God Save Us” because God gets no results from us.

Ask not what God can do for you, but what you can do for God. Because I’ll tell you this. What we think we do for God today is a thousand times worse than what Cain did for God . Especially in comparison to what his brother did for God …

Tho, in our time now, its not animals we need sacrifice, its much of ourselves and our selfish, materialistic greed.

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