There Can Be Only One

One of the worst lines ever to come out of an alleged Christian’s mouth is “Everyone has their own interpretation of the Bible”

There can be only ONE truth!

Truth is not a matter of perspective or perception or up for debate. Its not relative to a situation and its not shaped by many ideas and religions. There is only one truth. The rest is lies straight from Hell …

The problem with humanity and most especially the “Cult Of Christianity” is people only accept what they prefer to be the truth. The most convenient, the most comfortable for them.

Of course that gets a lot of help and encouragement from the deliberate dumbing down and conditioning of society …

You want to know why our world, our own country is so badly divided? It starts with the church and their multiple belief systems! On top of that are all the Bible translations that have been manipulated, mutilated and watered down. This does not exclude the King James. It started with that!

What makes this worse is our own lack of discernment, logic and dedication to study and research. Which also means studying the true history of the church, not the garbage they teach us …

There can be only one. There IS only one God, one truth, one salvation, one way, one path into Heaven.

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