In Lieu Of Double Standards

In lieu of all the double standards with women and all the false idealistic views that they are always the victim just acting out I put some thought into this quote …

This does not mean that the woman takes over the household or takes control of how a church is run. This of course is to say that there is a man or men around who have the courage and capability of leading … however that is not for any one woman or group of women to decide.

Its said that men cannot handle strong women. This is a load of garbage. It is in fact the other way around. Women can no longer handle being with a strong man …

The devil fears a proper, meek, praying, loyal and loving woman, wife, mother. The bossy “strong” stereotypes are actually doing the devil’s bidding by always overreacting, trying to tell others what to do, namely men … and manipulating everything to their own way of thinking instead of God’s …

This is rebellious feminist witchcraft.

One example is when a man had tried to help me fix my scooter when I was first homeless after my wife turned on me. Well his wife basically, very angrily commanded him not to help me because she bought into all the lies and rumors that had my wife playing the victim. It was wrong on her part for many reasons. It was also wrong for him to allow her to boss him the way she had. Most especially because he was doing a godly, kind act …

Now granted our society has so many dividing factors where men and women alike have been horribly dumbed down by Hollywood, tv, schooling and music, however it has overrun the churches and the home, it has destroyed families and has given Christian marriages over to man’s court …

These things are no accident. There are so many ways in which we have lost the way, but it pretty much all starts in the home …


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