So What Are We To Do

The church has forgotten that living for God is not always about celebrating and enjoyment.

Yes its said to be joyous even in times of trouble, but I doubt very highly that God actually expects someone to find joy in a destroyed marriage and a child growing up not knowing their father or the truth. These things are not His will. They are the works of devilry.

Praise and worship is to be done in spirit and in truth. Today’s congregations have more emotional experiences than spiritual, and they obviously are nowhere near being in the truth.

You cannot have true joy without first knowing anguish. Anguish of God’s pain, perhaps even the anguish of persecution. The days of a mist falling over a church service seem to be gone. There is very little, if any true Holy Ghost experiences anymore. Women standing at the alter in some kind of trance during the sermons is utter witchcraft. Men suddenly running around the sanctuary during service seem more bewitched than touched by God. I am not claiming that every case is the same. I am however telling you that all the chatter and “Preach it” and “tell it” and “that’s right” coming from the women is more problematic than helpful. It completely disrupts the possibilities of God’s spirit working. For that matter the men need to hush up too. Tho, what I see more and more are women whispering to each and their husbands or messing their children, and the men just sit there acting as if nothing is wrong with all this.

I would say that everyone needs to shut up and listen to the message, however the preacher is no longer in power, no longer has authority or control. They most times very likely work under the rule of Freemasonry, or even Feminism quietly manipulating the way a church is dealt with. Preachers have become like Obama. Nothing but entertainment and distraction from the real problems. Their job now is to just put on a good show.

So then what are we to do? Its hard to branch out and start your own ministry or fellowship of truth sharing people because you may be the one and only person in your congregation who has woken up. This has certainly made me an unwilling loner and has trapped me into blogging and preaching online. All the while being homeless greatly in part as a result of what I preach …

Which brings me back to the celebrating and having fun. There is no discernment anymore. We have lost the way. What few still make some connection with God are not finding the path to the truth. Or they are simply ignoring whatever God is doing that maybe eating away at them, trying to convict their heart and spirit. Many people are simply afraid to end up like I have. So they remain silent.

In some cases we are to be as a sheep in wolves clothing, to disguise ourselves. My mistake was not being patient with the things I discovered and not being discreet about. Satan will reveal truth to us if it serves his agenda. My wife was not ready for it, and he knew this. Honestly neither was I. It was just easier for me to accept because I had always suspected various things from a young age.

All this fuss and hype over gay unions, but where was the church when the pagan holidays were implemented? Where was the church when divorce became legalized? Where was the church when our own government spent the last 200 years creating false enemies and wars in order to spread tyranny, destroy other nations and steal their resources to sell it all back to us? The church has to be far more brainwashed than most of the rest of the country …

We only have ourselves to blame for the way this nation has fallen. For it is not the satanic rulers and wealthy families who will bring in the New World Order, it is us who have welcomed it with open arms …

The reality is that the only difference between many churches today and bars or nightclubs is the lack of alcohol …


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