Prayer And Action (Personal)

American churches today only belittle and enable the homeless community, and its even worse for the genuine cases who are not users or pretenders. They do nothing to help or try to change a person’s situation.

In essence they are treated today the same way we treated the native tribes of this land. We corral them to live in certain areas, or shelters, we deny them the freedom to live where they want (not causing trouble of course) and we force them to depend on handouts instead of allowing them to fend for themselves. Because you cannot live self sufficiently without government permission and papers (permits) anymore …

Of course the users and pretenders are happy to live with this idiocy, however I am not. I want the chance to get out of this. I need the ability and a little control over how my life goes. I also desire to be on the other side of this fence where I can actually do things to genuinely and actually help people who come along with real needs …

I’ve experienced enough of this. I’ve lost too much and its made me an emotional, spiritual wreck. I need prayer for specific things to change, to improve. For steadily available work, for better living circumstances, and certainly to be in a position, even have some kind of respectable status where I can do something more for God’s kingdom than type words on a screen.

I am accomplishing nothing this way. I am serving no purpose. I am bored, burned out and tired of pitching a tent every night in fear of getting caught …

People say “Oh but you have opportunity with the others in your situation” Let me tell you something about these people. Most of them already know, and they simply do not care. They do not want to hear about God and salvation.

Whats worse is knowing my wife and daughter are living lies. This tortures me daily, and makes the way I feel far worse.

I am beyond desperate for a substantial, tangible, even financially sound place in life.

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