4th Rant

Free country? Yeah for people that are happy living under a tyrant’s umbrella. For people with good jobs and decent lives. For the rich who can do anything they please because they have all the money they need to buy all the freedom they want.

But not the little guy. Not the guy who can’t be a husband and father, but has to live homeless and dependent on the junk food provided by churches who’s congregations don’t really give a damn who needs genuine help or who the pretenders and users are …

Not the guy who thinks he is paying off a home that he is only allowed to live in as long he keeps giving the government more money. That’s not freedom …

Nor is the family struggling with student loans while working restaurant and retail jobs part time 5 years after getting degrees … and for what? Freedom?

Not the guy who can’t hunt or fish or live off the land unless he pays a lot of money for permits (papers) to various government agencies.

The woman with 3 fatherless kids living in some shack just a few blocks from the sports stadium where multimillionaire athletes live it up taking selfies during a freaking game …

Believe me I could say a lot more. Like how we support a military that spreads tyranny, commits mass murder, steals natural resources, protects drug supply lines and destroys whole cities that were once thriving economies …

Or I could point how our law enforcement is just that. Enforcement of control and fear.

Or how about how the pill and the needle which have helped to create monstrosities of medical problems, diseases and more death to keep the big boys in business.

Maybe I could bring up school and television. How together they have diminished and dumbed down our society so badly that for every 1000 people in this country only one is outside the matrix, but many of them are still trapped by it …

This land stopped being a free country when Columbus landed. Then it was built on slavery and massacre. The Constitution was nothing but a written Trojan Horse.

Yeah this is a free country alright. Its all bought and paid for.

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