Church Of Cain

“But he answered and said – In reply to this artful temptation, Christ answered by a quotation from the Old Testament.”

Matthew 4:4

The passage is found in Deuteronomy 8:3. In that place the discourse is concerning manna. Moses says that the Lord humbled the people and fed them with manna, an unusual kind of food so that they might learn that man did not live by bread only but that there were other things to support life and that everything which God had commanded was proper for this.

From this temptation we may learn:

That Satan often takes advantage of our circumstances and wants to tempt us. He often tempts those in need to be discontent and complain and to be dishonest in order to supply their necessities or satisfy their need to be right.

Satan’s temptations are often the strongest immediately after we have been remarkably favored. Jesus had just been called the Son of God and Satan took this opportunity to try him. He often attempts to fill us with pride and vain self-conceit then will urge us to do something in an attempt to cause us to sin.

His temptations are plausible. They often seem to be only urging us to do what is good and proper.

This is a mentality that is beyond me with some choices that people make. Like my wife doing as she has by turning on me and abandoning me to homelessness. I could never fathom such a tragic move of multiple sins from her in one fell swoop. And she is still living in sin, rebellion and adultery, dragging our daughter thru it, while I exist this way with that knowledge tormenting me daily.

Temptations seem even to urge us to promote the glory of God and to honor Him. Some of the most powerful temptations of Satan occur when he seems to be urging us to do what might be for the glory of God. The church has been overrun and plagued by this blindness.

We are to meet the temptations of Satan, as the Saviour did, with the plain and positive declarations of Scripture. Instead we have manipulated and twisted everything to our own agendas …

Now we live by government rule, support ourselves under their regulations of slave labor and taxes which pay for their fake wars, occupation and destruction of weaker countries. We no longer survive self sufficiently as man was made to do. We thrive on distracting entertainment, controlled food supply, being lab rats for science, and the wealthy keep getting richer while poverty grows daily. The latter is also the fault of the church losing it’s way.

This nation gets no results from the lines “God Bless Our Country” or God Save Us” because God gets no results from us.

Ask not what God can do for you, but what you can do for God. Because I’ll tell you this. What we think we do for God today is a thousand times worse than what Cain did for God . Especially in comparison to what his brother did for God …

Tho, in our time now, its not animals we need sacrifice, its much of ourselves and our selfish, materialistic greed.


There Can Be Only One

One of the worst lines ever to come out of an alleged Christian’s mouth is “Everyone has their own interpretation of the Bible”

There can be only ONE truth!

Truth is not a matter of perspective or perception or up for debate. Its not relative to a situation and its not shaped by many ideas and religions. There is only one truth. The rest is lies straight from Hell …

The problem with humanity and most especially the “Cult Of Christianity” is people only accept what they prefer to be the truth. The most convenient, the most comfortable for them.

Of course that gets a lot of help and encouragement from the deliberate dumbing down and conditioning of society …

You want to know why our world, our own country is so badly divided? It starts with the church and their multiple belief systems! On top of that are all the Bible translations that have been manipulated, mutilated and watered down. This does not exclude the King James. It started with that!

What makes this worse is our own lack of discernment, logic and dedication to study and research. Which also means studying the true history of the church, not the garbage they teach us …

There can be only one. There IS only one God, one truth, one salvation, one way, one path into Heaven.

Wrestling (January 27)

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12

There is always so much fuss over Bibles and Christianity being banned from different schools … and yet the holidays are still highly observed. Holidays that millions are badly decieved into believing they are God’s days. Other holidays that haven’t been labeled as Christian, but they are still rooted in Satanic paganism.

What’s worse are the immoral teachings varying from sex education to false history. The lack of proper discipline in the home due to fake psychological testing and pumping dangerous pills into normal behaved children. “Vaccinations” that make lab rats and test subjects out of us for our whole lives. False flag attacks from government hired gunmen and crisis actors to create fear mongering tactics meant to push gun control.

There are many reasons our children should not be in school, and yet we are forced to send them there because we have to work towards that Great American Hoax they call a dream. Which basically makes taxpayers nothing but slaves to the system.

A system that pays for alleged wars, drug trade, crime syndicates and keeps the wealthy families in power and in control of the system.

Ultimately this stress results in breaking up families, making us lose sight of what’s truly important, getting our priorities backwards and in effect keeping us putting our money back into the system …

This was not intended to be another long message, however it needs to be said and repeated, and repeated again until people do more than just listen …

The break down of society starts in three places; in the home, in the church and in the school. You infiltrate the homes thru the latter two of these. In a modern age with use of technology and entertainment, it becomes much easier to divide and conquer …



In Lieu Of Double Standards

In lieu of all the double standards with women and all the false idealistic views that they are always the victim just acting out I put some thought into this quote …

This does not mean that the woman takes over the household or takes control of how a church is run. This of course is to say that there is a man or men around who have the courage and capability of leading … however that is not for any one woman or group of women to decide.

Its said that men cannot handle strong women. This is a load of garbage. It is in fact the other way around. Women can no longer handle being with a strong man …

The devil fears a proper, meek, praying, loyal and loving woman, wife, mother. The bossy “strong” stereotypes are actually doing the devil’s bidding by always overreacting, trying to tell others what to do, namely men … and manipulating everything to their own way of thinking instead of God’s …

This is rebellious feminist witchcraft.

One example is when a man had tried to help me fix my scooter when I was first homeless after my wife turned on me. Well his wife basically, very angrily commanded him not to help me because she bought into all the lies and rumors that had my wife playing the victim. It was wrong on her part for many reasons. It was also wrong for him to allow her to boss him the way she had. Most especially because he was doing a godly, kind act …

Now granted our society has so many dividing factors where men and women alike have been horribly dumbed down by Hollywood, tv, schooling and music, however it has overrun the churches and the home, it has destroyed families and has given Christian marriages over to man’s court …

These things are no accident. There are so many ways in which we have lost the way, but it pretty much all starts in the home …



Salt (March 1, 2012)

Post by TheFirebrand on Mar 1, 2012 at 4:42pm
2 Timothy 2:15: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

“dividing the word of truth” does not mean to express your opinions or your feelings or to decide whether you should or should not live by certain parts of it … and I believe many people do this in their attempt to revolve the bible around their own lives which then puts them in the category spoken of in the next verse …

2 Timothy 2:16: “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.”

They in fact do not shun these things, they argue and defend and justify which then leads them further into ungodliness … One ought read the entirety of that chapter. I find it ironic how the word of God has become quite esoteric …

Matthew Henry’s Commentary says this: “It is rightly to divide the word of truth. Not to invent a new gospel, but rightly to divide the gospel that is committed to their trust. To speak terror to those to whom terror belongs, comfort to whom comfort is needed; to give every one his portion in due season”

We are to study God’s Word to learn His will for us and to learn how we can apply it to our daily walk. We have an obligation and the privilege, to not only study the Bible for our own spiritual growth, we study it to help others. We must know what we believe and why. If we put the proper emphasis on the Bible we will not be led astray by false teachers.

The problem is we have so many individuals in more prominent positions of leadership who everyone simply follows and listens to, yet are sending all of them straight to Hell with their false ideas and blasphemy against God. Many times because the people do not study for themselves or take the word for what it is. Tho, in today’s translations everything we read must be studied anyhow. It sickens me to hear someone say they do not sugar coat in their preaching then to discover they both teach and live against God’s Word in some fashion or another. So all his (or her) followers see this and copy that action with the justification that “well that person is greatly blessed and does it so it must be okay for us to do it as well” …

NO! Wake Up People! I can smell the flesh burning from your bones already!

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So What Are We To Do

The church has forgotten that living for God is not always about celebrating and enjoyment.

Yes its said to be joyous even in times of trouble, but I doubt very highly that God actually expects someone to find joy in a destroyed marriage and a child growing up not knowing their father or the truth. These things are not His will. They are the works of devilry.

Praise and worship is to be done in spirit and in truth. Today’s congregations have more emotional experiences than spiritual, and they obviously are nowhere near being in the truth.

You cannot have true joy without first knowing anguish. Anguish of God’s pain, perhaps even the anguish of persecution. The days of a mist falling over a church service seem to be gone. There is very little, if any true Holy Ghost experiences anymore. Women standing at the alter in some kind of trance during the sermons is utter witchcraft. Men suddenly running around the sanctuary during service seem more bewitched than touched by God. I am not claiming that every case is the same. I am however telling you that all the chatter and “Preach it” and “tell it” and “that’s right” coming from the women is more problematic than helpful. It completely disrupts the possibilities of God’s spirit working. For that matter the men need to hush up too. Tho, what I see more and more are women whispering to each and their husbands or messing their children, and the men just sit there acting as if nothing is wrong with all this.

I would say that everyone needs to shut up and listen to the message, however the preacher is no longer in power, no longer has authority or control. They most times very likely work under the rule of Freemasonry, or even Feminism quietly manipulating the way a church is dealt with. Preachers have become like Obama. Nothing but entertainment and distraction from the real problems. Their job now is to just put on a good show.

So then what are we to do? Its hard to branch out and start your own ministry or fellowship of truth sharing people because you may be the one and only person in your congregation who has woken up. This has certainly made me an unwilling loner and has trapped me into blogging and preaching online. All the while being homeless greatly in part as a result of what I preach …

Which brings me back to the celebrating and having fun. There is no discernment anymore. We have lost the way. What few still make some connection with God are not finding the path to the truth. Or they are simply ignoring whatever God is doing that maybe eating away at them, trying to convict their heart and spirit. Many people are simply afraid to end up like I have. So they remain silent.

In some cases we are to be as a sheep in wolves clothing, to disguise ourselves. My mistake was not being patient with the things I discovered and not being discreet about. Satan will reveal truth to us if it serves his agenda. My wife was not ready for it, and he knew this. Honestly neither was I. It was just easier for me to accept because I had always suspected various things from a young age.

All this fuss and hype over gay unions, but where was the church when the pagan holidays were implemented? Where was the church when divorce became legalized? Where was the church when our own government spent the last 200 years creating false enemies and wars in order to spread tyranny, destroy other nations and steal their resources to sell it all back to us? The church has to be far more brainwashed than most of the rest of the country …

We only have ourselves to blame for the way this nation has fallen. For it is not the satanic rulers and wealthy families who will bring in the New World Order, it is us who have welcomed it with open arms …

The reality is that the only difference between many churches today and bars or nightclubs is the lack of alcohol …



Prayer And Action (Personal)

American churches today only belittle and enable the homeless community, and its even worse for the genuine cases who are not users or pretenders. They do nothing to help or try to change a person’s situation.

In essence they are treated today the same way we treated the native tribes of this land. We corral them to live in certain areas, or shelters, we deny them the freedom to live where they want (not causing trouble of course) and we force them to depend on handouts instead of allowing them to fend for themselves. Because you cannot live self sufficiently without government permission and papers (permits) anymore …

Of course the users and pretenders are happy to live with this idiocy, however I am not. I want the chance to get out of this. I need the ability and a little control over how my life goes. I also desire to be on the other side of this fence where I can actually do things to genuinely and actually help people who come along with real needs …

I’ve experienced enough of this. I’ve lost too much and its made me an emotional, spiritual wreck. I need prayer for specific things to change, to improve. For steadily available work, for better living circumstances, and certainly to be in a position, even have some kind of respectable status where I can do something more for God’s kingdom than type words on a screen.

I am accomplishing nothing this way. I am serving no purpose. I am bored, burned out and tired of pitching a tent every night in fear of getting caught …

People say “Oh but you have opportunity with the others in your situation” Let me tell you something about these people. Most of them already know, and they simply do not care. They do not want to hear about God and salvation.

Whats worse is knowing my wife and daughter are living lies. This tortures me daily, and makes the way I feel far worse.

I am beyond desperate for a substantial, tangible, even financially sound place in life.