Society And Tyranny

Our government is and never was appointed by God …

What I find both amazing and horrifying is that a lot people who have “beach bodies” will many times dress more modestly than those who do not have the proper shape or size to wear the things they choose. Its really disgusting and offensive how people lack any dignity or self respect, yet somehow believe that looking like that in public means they do have respect for themselves … 

But the reality is they lack respect for both themselves and others.

The Feminist witchcraft movement involved rebellion even to go out in public immodestly and exposed …

Another thing about people who come to the beach as well as  anywhere in nature or in communities, is the smokers and the littering. Tell me, why is it illegal to leave your dogs mess somewhere, but we get away with dropping trash and cigarettes everywhere? Including in the sand where children play and creatures crawl around …

Animal dung is great fertilizer for grass and lawns. I always raked my dog’s into the lawn, and despised people’s garbage landing in my yard.

Why can’t people see that Obama is nothing but a court jester distracting and entertaining the masses. Assuming they’re not using CGI’s and laugh machines. Politics is nothing but a side show act. There is a reason why many actors and entertainers become politicians. 

We haven’t had a president in charge since Bush Sr . stated The World Order. Reagen was one of the greatest deceivers ever in office. He also “ignored” the AIDs epidemic, which was created by his corporate buddies anyway. 

You cannot change the problems by becoming part of them. You have to shut the system down and go back to before there was a system when communities took care of each other and stopped anyone who tried to come along and take over.

Too many of us have been brainwashed by school and TV. If they made a movie about it its either a lie or a glorified horror story. 

Let me tell you something, this land stopped being a free country when Columbus landed, who was nothing but a slave trader.

The law is about control and fear. They enforce tyranny. They do not protect us. Certainly the occasional heroic act occurs, however they work for the system, and many of them are criminals or know who is in their department.

Family law is about destroying families. The Bible speaks against going to court over such things for a reason.

Military agenda is about spreading tyranny across the planet,  stealing resources and murder, and also destroying American families. Many soldiers come forward to tell us, but no one listens. Other soldiers come home badly messed because of the secrets they bear. 

Soldiers who do not see action are typically more blinded.


Any church who waves a flag, mounts a steeple, supports military agenda, respects mans law, observes pagan holidays, does nothing to help or change even the simplest of problems, denies people in genuine need, invests thousands into entertainment and building costs, focuses entirely their own personal desires and agenda’s … Those churches are already right where the devil wants them. 

In fact it makes little difference to reject gay unions because they have already betrayed God in so many other ways. One church here claims that God is all religions and some have stated flat out that God didn’t create man or manifest Himself in Christ. One man there even said we came from fish. That was a new one on me.

We have lost our way. The old church stood against holidays and the Constitution. That thing was nothing but a written Trojan Horse. We hunted, farmed, gathered like a community should. We didn’t allow a controlled food supply. 

If you call yourself a Christian and you go out and by products like this new One World Coffee, you trapping yourself …

I could say the same about many products and many restaurant chains. Starbucks and Taco Bell, all you have to do is look at their corporate logos …

This goes back to my message Saying Grace Over The King’s Feast. We have not only allowed ourselves to be forced into buying a tyrant controlled food supply, but we also pray for God to bless something we should not be eating in the first place …

Same goes for the pharmaceutical garbage that alters our body’s, causes more sickness and disease instead of using natural methods already provided to us. Therefore the medical corporations stay in business and get rich off of our bad health …

We have chosen to walk on hot coals and expect God to keep our feet from being burned. God does not bless our nation because We The People have damned it …

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