A Prayer

Lord forgive me. I have gone astray from Your precepts. I have not been in regular prayer, I have used Your name in vain, I have lost myself to this existence. I have become stale, stagnant, useless and without reason …

I’m tired of being on the outside looking in. However, I don’t necessarily want to be on the inside either. Not the inside of what I see. What I want, what I need is something all my own. Something that will sustain me with basic living comforts and allow me to help others in various ways …

I do not seek this for myself alone. I seek it for Your glory as well as for the souls of others. Too long I have carried this burned with no measure of accomplishment or reprieve. I feel stretched beyond limit like butter spread over too much bread …

I need You to break down whatever walls are keeping me imprisoned. Whatever bonds are holding me back. I need freedom. I need some control … and purpose.

I cannot carry on this way alone any longer. If I wont be saved by a redeemed marriage, then I need You to save me, give me companionship, stability, security and the chance to show I can do things right …

Obviously money is a great mover and shaker. Its good at getting things done for those who have genuine needs, but I know that not all things require money. I need position, status. Not fame or power necessarily. Only the ability to make things happen. Under Your watch and guidance with proper discernment of course …

This is my prayer

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