Arrogant Church Equals Lost Nation

While all the arrogant self proclaimed Christians go to their temples claiming their pursuit of God … men sit starving in misery. Streets are infested with users and abusers, but among them are a few genuine Lazarus’ … who would scrub toilets for a few dollars a day just to eat. Christianity has lost both discernment and perspective …

I have personally witnessed many alleged Christians sit, talk, pray and give money to the users and abusers who already have wallets filled with money from monthly checks, food stamps and all the handouts while the person in genuine need goes hungry. I have been that person in need while this happens right in front of me.

The church has been blinded by so much greed and materialistic thinking. Their own blasphemous mouths will state that they are not funded to help people. Yet the building they gather in costs thousands of dollars a month to run and maintain. The music programs and all the entertainment is certainly not cheap.

Gluttonous lunch gatherings taking hold after service right in the church is also against Bible. If you want to go have picnic and fellowship somewhere else fine, but there are genuinely unfortunate people out there who need more than just casual prayers. They need to see a Christian in action actually fulfilling God’s word. Not just talking and then leaving them to fend for themselves.

We say “God Bless USA” and do nothing to help that purpose, that cause. Using the system created by the kings and tyrants only encourages them and feeds them more power over us. Our whole world of America as we know it was built upon the slavery and massacre of multiple races of people and is now maintained in the same manner, simply by different means …

We have forgotten the Good Samaritan. We have forgotten what Christ himself did for people even on the rightful Sabbath. Churches who act like a social services agency are not doing God’s will. Not even close . They treat most who come thru like someone they can control and belittle. Others like myself are treated as if we are also irresponsible drunks and drug addicts, rather than someone suffering a bad break …

The Pharisees and hypocrites run these programs for “helping” people. Tho, they are doing nothing to actually help anyone, only to enable and dictate their lives. This country, if it ever truly knew the way, has lost the path of Christ … this is because the church was brainwashed, slowly conditioned, seduced and corralled away from the truth. Government and politics do not destroy nations, the allowances of power granted by it’s citizens, especially it’s Christians is the cause of such destructiveness.

We are no longer tools of Christ, but merely puppets of deception helping the enemy to satiate it’s own greed for souls …

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