You Gonna Fight Satan?

Recently one day someone posed the question “You gonna fight Satan?” This was in reference to how Satan ultimately has control over the people ruling the world.

The answer that I was unable to present that day is Yes! That is what prayer warriors are supposed to do. However many, perhaps too many have lost their way or have been mislead to praying for the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

We are also meant to take action. Whether its helping others, protecting our livelihoods or simply giving encouragement and support to those who have no one.

But what do we concern ourselves with today? Material things. Unimportant, petty things. Personal drama, gossip. We speak from both sides of our mouths like two edged swords or with forked tongues. We claim God and live for mammon. We cry for love and peace while spreading malice and hatred. We pray for Gods will while seeking our own in our hearts …

We no longer fight against the principalities and spirits, we welcome them into our churches and our homes with open arms. We enjoy their influences over us. We’ve gone beyond lovingnthe sinner and have embraced the sin, which begats more sin, which begats more lies to justify those sins, which begats more betrayal against God …

There are so few in the average congregation who actually posses a genuine desire to seek God and to resist Satan. I don’t claim to be any better or different because I’m not. Tho, neither do I deny the truth of it all in order that I might justify my choices or actions.

The point I’m trying to conclude is that we cannot fight Satan or his principalities and spirits if we cannot first overcome our own …

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