I mention a lot about warmongering and blind support of military agenda. I don’t say as much about laws and police …

Being a law abiding citizen doesn’t mean anything beyond the fact that we allow ourselves to be limited, restricted and controlled. Laws are not made for any moral reasons.

Think about it. If laws were created for the right reasons there wouldn’t be so much trash and litter everywhere. Idiots wouldn’t be allowed to wear their pants falling down. Permits wouldn’t be needed to do things like farming, hunting, fishing, bartering, helping each other and protecting ourselves the way man has done for thousands of years. Those are just a few examples.

Law is about control and money.

If it was about protection, communities and neighborhoods would have patrol units as well as well as armed citizen militias available. Instead police run the roads and highways looking for easy money making quotas while crimes are committed in neighborhoods where people are not armed. Then we have police dispatched to deal with petty family problems and courts to break up the family structure …

There is no such thing as a good cop.

Living by man’s law and allowing wrongful authority to control everything has resulted in only one thing, its created more problems. Becoming a cop serves only one purpose, one agenda … Tyranny.

Cops have secrets. Even if they themselves have not done any wrong, they know who has in their departments …

Society has been turned against itself by trusting in a system that was designed to manipulate and regulate our lives. We have allowed the use of television, media and Hollywood to condition our thinking and cause us to believe false history, false wars and false freedom …

The American Dream was the greatest scam ever to be pulled off. The Constitution was nothing but a written Trojan Horse. Voting, protesting, meetings and phone calls are meaningless methods created by the system to keep us from doing what’s right …

In the Book of Nehemiah, Jerusalem was not restored by exchanging words with dictators. It was rebuilt with faith, prayer, action and self defense of all its residence. By use of militias, armed neighborhood watches and self policing based on Biblical morals.

Modern, popularized Christianity is controlled by laws and Freemason devilry.

God doesn’t bless our nation because we have turned our backs on Him. The church has become so arrogant and blind that they don’t think this problem includes them. They consider themselves separate when they are in fact overflowing with worldliness.

Churches, especially large, over populated ones have become places of false inspiration, socializing and entertainment. Even the few who come with a genuine desire to seek God and truth fall into this trap of believing lies.

Even if the general society of people were still sinful, if our churches and alleged Christians were right with God, we would not be in this mess. There was a time in our ancient history when the church had been right with God …

And just as it happened then, we have forgotten, and history has been repeated time and again ever since. Tho, now instead of enslaved by whips and chains, we are controlled by money, distraction and fear …

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