Uneducated Church, Misguided Prayer

Church of ‘Murica, sees bible and prayer being removed from schools, but holidays are still going strong, still believes holidays are “God Approved”

You say “well they still allow the Nativity scenes” … ahem, ever heard of idolatry?

And another thing, school doesn’t need our prayers, school needs to be stopped. Its not there for a “proper” education. Its there for the purpose of brainwashing, conditioning, medicinal poisoning and preparing us to become financial slaves. Many of which a lot of people are. Then you save up to send your kids to college who still ends up in a retail or restaurant job spending half their adult lives in debt, and you wasted 30 to 50,000 dollars of your savings for that. There are some trades that college offers that only cost a few hundred dollars, everything else is a scam to keep your money going right back into the system. Going to school to practice law or medicine makes you part of the system and part of the problem …

You keep this cycle alive by doing nothing. You pray for the wrong things then are not willing to do anything that could change them. Using the system of voting, protesting, writing letters and making phone calls is useless. Those methods are designed as part of the system. And yet you still cannot figure out why everything is going wrong and getting worse.

Turn that back to the church, why are churches growing so rapidly and why are others having so many spiritual problems, seeing less genuine miracles? The answer to both is because they are NOT Houses Of God.

Certainly a few blessings come here and there, but what you do with those blessings is what matters. You must realize that even Satan will provide when it serves his cause … we have lost our discernment to understand the difference between between blessing and being rewarded under false pretenses.

No matter what else you do, if your church observes the pagan holidays, it condemns all who believe they are God’s days. We rename them, redesign them, but they are still the same and still represent the same evil.

The last of the Biblical Holy Days according to the Jewish calendar ends a few weeks before Halloween …

The one that sets apart is Easter because its the one pagan tradition which comes at the same time with a Biblical Holy Day, the Passover, the Biblical and true New year. Tho we may talk about the Passover, we do not observe it. We spend days at a time preparing to get all vainly spiffed up, making baskets and painting eggs … egg painting was invented for satanic, sexual purposes, the cute little bunny derives from the fertility goddess and so on.

Easter comes at the end of the dark season. The season which did not have any celebrations to speak of. The satanic worship begins with All Hallow’s Eve …

Thanksgiving is a controversial one because although there seem to be the right reasons for observing this holiday, it was created or at least observed under a false pretense. I have read various historical accounts on the birth of this tradition. Ultimately no matter who actually came up with it, it ended in tragedy. It was used as a tool to serve evil. I see Thanksgiving as a mixed blessing. It feels as tho it celebrates two things. When you consider that this country was built on slavery and massacre, and sill thrives upon these two atrocities, that glorified false heroes like Columbus who was a slave trader and Pocahontas was forced into unspeakable servitude over seas …

I always enjoy the gatherings, but in my heart I sense the betrayal of those who trusted our ancestors. We should be ashamed of our heritage , not flaunting it arrogantly with blind patriotism.

Anyhow, the overall purpose behind most of our Babylonian nation’s holidays are to celebrate and glorify past evils. But we have somehow been duped into believing just the opposite …

Some people accuse me of overarching everything and every church. That’s because they don’t want their sins and vices included in matters which things the Bible condemns. They justify in their own minds so they don’t have to feel judged or convicted.

That is why our “prayers” many times go on without results. Because we do not pray and worship in truth …

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4 responses to “Uneducated Church, Misguided Prayer

  1. “And another thing, school doesn’t need our prayers, school needs to be stopped. Its not there for a “proper” education. Its there brainwashing, conditioning, medical poisoning and preparing us to become financial slaves”
    Look – education is utterly vital to society. I certainly agree that changes need to be made – there are many redundant topics covered, and many topics that people need to know as they enter adulthood are ignored. However, the education system should not be abolished. It is crucial that people be educated – if you cannot read, how can you drive? You could not read any of the signs indicating speed limits. If you cannot write, how could you submit a resume for a job position? An inability to fluently express oneself in writing is a plague on today’s society – this is becoming evident especially on the internet (and, regrettably, even the original poster seems unable to use proper spelling, grammar, contractions, and so on). If people are unable to apply for jobs, no one will work, the economy will crash… You can put the puzzle together from there. Ever hear of the Middle Ages? It’s generally agreed that that particular time period was brought on by a regression into ignorance. It was only ended when ancient Roman and Greek manuscripts were discovered, which is believed to have begun the Renaissance. Knowledge is the cornerstone of society, and ignorance is what leads to many persecutions. Even using Jesus as an example – he was evidently well versed in Scripture, as he used it many times to teach. He would have known these Scriptures likely because he was educated by his parents, or by hearing it in the synagogues. Regrettably, I cannot claim to know exactly how Jesus came to know these things as he lived around 2000 years ago, but generally speaking children likely would have learned from their parents.
    On another note: Can we please stop saying that everything that we don’t understand is Satanism? When people are ignorant about a topic they ought to educate themselves on it to the best of their ability, but it seems commonplace to simply dismiss things as Satanism. Paganism and Satanism are two distinct religions. Paganism is earth-based, and as it is an umbrella term, followers of the religion practice in many different ways. Some worship the Gods and Goddesses of past cultures; some worship a great God and Goddess; some only worship one or the other. Not all practice magic. Likewise, there really is no way to generally describe Satanism. Some practitioners are atheistic; some are theistic. Many believe in Satan as a concept that might involve an intolerance towards stupidity and ignorance, the understanding of this concept varies. Some do worship the Satan that is present within Christianity. Again, it is far too broad a concept to generalize.
    In summary, education is vital to society, and we need knowledge to advance. And can we all stop calling EVERYTHING that is “unbiblical” Satanism? At least learn more about the beliefs of other religions (such as Paganism or Satanism) before condemning them.
    (Just as a note: I sincerely apologize if I may have misunderstood what you meant in your statement about needing to stop school, however that is simply how I understood it.)

      • What about those who are incapable of educating themselves? Ignorance reigns supreme in this day and age – the best way to learn is with others, where we can compare opinions and better them. We can’t just separately educate ourselves, it’s simply not possible. No one can teach themselves everything that they need to know, no matter what we will always gain knowledge from others. Even by “teaching ourselves”, we need to use resources which inevitably come from others.
        However, I do understand where you are coming from, that to a certain extent information taught in the education system is biased. This is why we need to learn to think for ourselves, to question what we are taught, to compare opinions. In my honest opinion we should be able to talk more openly about pressing issues to expand our understanding of them.

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