Bad Music

Extremely loud music does more than offend people. hardcore lyrics and excessive bass or demonic screaming is like second hand smoke to some people. In essence it rapes the ears. It causes anxiety and stress levels to rise and can even frightens animals. It certainly ruins one’s mood to listen to their own music because its no longer a tool for relaxation …

I am not speaking from my own experience. I have over the years heard many accounts repeating all that I just stated.

In my younger days when I turned up my music i was living somewhere that nobody was bothered by it, Of course I didn’t blare much of the trash we are more frequently exposed to today. I also lived in a concrete building, so the shaking of walls and floors was very minimal. You could put your ear against the other side of a wall and still barely hear anything.

I have been around various kinds of music my whole life. I used to work with D.J.’s in my youth. I can appreciate the aspects of many genre’s. I even enjoy bass on a much smaller scale. However hardcore rap, heavy metal, goth metal, a lot of club music and several more is all clearly of Satan and it puts a very strong hold on those who exploit it.

Even if they realize the truth behind the “music”, they still somehow are gripped by it. Like an addiction. It has the same ultimate effect on your psyche as does pornography. it grabs your attention so powerfully you cannot pull away from it for long.

Most people either deny or ignore the possibility that they are in a trap for their soul and continue to listen with no regrets or remorse, let alone respect for others.

The lot of you probably believe this only ties to “worldly” music, but many forms of so named Christian styles are sourced from these worldly genres … like with the holidays we have conformed the church to be like the world with musical entertainment.

Trust me when I tell you that if you listen to “Christian” groups who are screaming lyrics or rapping, dancing, dressing and certainly behaving as the world does … God is not condoning that …

Christians have lost the ability or the desire to use discernment in such matters. They simply accept or tolerate without argument that these things are labeled “God Approved” … and they are not.

There are more emotional experiences in churches now than spiritual. This is no accident. Those same emotions are the cause of the increase in “legalized” divorce, the decline of truth preaching and the progressively growing problem of funny stories being told from the pulpit. Jokes made about very serious spiritual, family and soul saving or condemning issues and so on …

This struggle is real folks and we are on the losing end of it. Bad music is more than just a matter of opinion …

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