In Spirit And In Truth

“God is a spirit. They who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth” John 4:24 “God is a spirit. They who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth” John 4:24

A preacher said that a faithful person breaking through does more than benefit that person. Others are witness to that breakthrough of faith. Being a standard bearer of faith goes beyond selfish desires and imposing one’s own will.

I know for myself the desire to restore my marriage is not entirely selfish. There is moral conviction, a child, a Biblical covenant and a testimony, an example of God’s working hand. Of course I want for myself from this. There is no denying that. However I’m not seeking anything that doesn’t line up with The Word or with God’s own intent for family.

In today’s age you often find more genuine prayers from those who rarely seek God’s help than you do from the someone at the pulpit. Many would be Christians do more to try and impose their own ideas of God’s will on someone. This ultimately can result in disrupting and causing  confusion in the spiritual battle that individual in need might be having.

We must be careful. Prayers from the less knowledgeable are sometimes more readily answered fora reason. As many of today’s modern Christians become more exposed to spiritual warfare, they are often “seduced by the dark side” so to speak, and unknowingly. So their thoughts an ideas of being a follower of Christ becomes blurred. As they seemingly grow into stronger prayer warriors, they in fact devolve into an arrogant frame of mind. Laying hands on someone with a dire need or praying for them from across the water can do more harm than good.

I find it difficult to trust people to pray for me when I know little of their faith and their beliefs. It becomes more that much more difficult when I do learn what they believe. Everyone following me should know by now hat all a church or person has to do is celebrate pagan holidays and label them as “God Approved” for me to  know they are not in the truth. Of course there are many other factors, but that is the biggest one, and perhaps the most damaging …

I’m losing my train of thought with this. I had to go out and find somewhere less disrupting to finish this and I have not eaten yet. For some compelling reason I felt as though this message could not wait until later as I sometimes do wait to finish things …

Many churches today have gotten to be so free spirited an emotionally inspired they are no place near where they ought to be. Neither with a biblical mind set nor desire to seek God’s face. There is too much noise, distraction, entertainment and a whole lot of misguided patriotism keeping our eyes from seeing the truth and ears from hearing God’s voice.

I believe that is a good place to end this. I hope it get the attention its looking for …


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