Never Give Up On Your Marriage Covenant

Post by TheFirebrand on Oct 26, 2013 at 8:09am
I spent everyday for 11 1/2 months with our daughter. When we came home from the hospital Megan was so tired. I took care of Cassidy so she could sleep. Then Megan found a job before I did and that along with Cassidy sleeping contributed to her going to church without me.

The last time we all went together my wife was on her ungodly break up kick and Cassidy would climb back and forth between us in the pew. I felt very strongly that she knew we should be sitting close together like we always had, but there was nothing I can do about it …

Anyway my point is I took care of that child everyday even when I thought I wanted to do something else. I hated not working. I hate it more now.

Megan was so appreciating and loving up until a few months into 2012. I knew she had tried reaching out to me in some ways, but she didn’t just plain talk to me, and that would have made all the difference, especially going to church together again sooner …

Now everybody and the law supports dividing father and daughter, wife and husband … and all based on a lot of false or exaggerated information. I don’t know how much work and coaching or “temptation” it took from others to convince my wife to turn, but I saw the devil working on her and I felt so powerless against it.

I’m kind of bouncing around in this, but the thing certain people are not understanding is the evil they are encouraging and supporting. The biblical witchcraft behind it. People seem unable to register that God does not support or approve divorce, nor whatever sins lead to it. Only Satan will inspire spouses to turn on each other. Only demonic influence will lead others to support the destruction of a God bleased marriage. (The marriage itself, not the circumstances surrounding it) Circumstances are always tests and trials meant to be endured together …

Boasting about your own marriage while relishing in the drama of a broken one simply tells God how two faced you are …

This was supposed to be about the mentality it takes to throw an overall loving, dedicated husband and father to the streets and expect him to just accept it like nothing is wrong. The arrogance involved in that sort of thinking must be overwhelming. The same blindness caused in all who jump on the bandwagon to support such a cause is just sickening.

I am not guilty of anything that deserves this kind of punishment. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone either. I’ve seen couples go thru a thousand times worse things than we were and they still didn’t betray one another.

I believe very strongly that the victory has been claimed over this and that our marriage will mend. I’m just out of energy and patience to endure much more of this. Only my exhausted state keeps me from constantly breaking down crying. I’m too subdued to really show my frustration. My humility is more humiliation and shame than actually feeling humbled.

What would humble me is finally seeing my dear precious wife standing before me with our daughter in arms ready to accept me back and take steps to redeem our love and life together …

I will never let go of that prayer.

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