Regarding Satan, the Vatican and the Seat of Power

Regarding Satan, the Vatican and the Seat of Power. Satan has rule over the earth Revelations 20:7-10 …

Are child molestation charges really a surprise? Several highly ranked Catholic Church insiders have warned us for years about satanic cults that have infiltrated the Vatican. Does a sizeable element within the Vatican now serve the occult? Why are they hiding the Third Secret of Fatima, and why are they suppressing the Dead Sea Scrolls, among other secrets? I currently have no personal take on the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are so many varying reports. I do however know that our modern man written Bibles are incomplete …

What I am about to tell you is not opinions, feelings emotions or personal belief. These have nothing or very little to do with the truth. I’ve said it many times that my opinions are probably worse than the truth. Opinions only go beyond what you do not know. Personal belief is part truth and part selfish desire to want your way. Emotions and feelings are controlled by all that. Truth hurts. Truth is hated. Truth is fact evidence and complete confirmation thru all senses and every fact and every evidence being complete to have absolute truth. Either you know or you don’t know.

Everything adds up. You know how much money is in your pocket. You don’t give your opinion unless you don’t count it and you take a guess. But if you get all the facts and evidence and add it all up and double and triple check and get a witness to double check your work and both confirm and all your senses agree then it becomes absolute undeniable truth. Apply that to everything you learn. So you know the truth. Then you can’t be deceived. But you can reject truth and now you see the problem in this world.

It’s not about truth. It’s about how can I get my way. Even if it’s not truth it feels good. Lies feel good. Truth hurts. The world loves lies that why they can’t see the truth right in front of them. They sense it. They know it. They reject it so much truth becomes a lie and lie becomes the truth. Deception and illusion and delusion now have a spell over your mind. Your body. Your emotions. Your feelings. Your beliefs. You accept enough truth that benefits you and reject that what hurts. All to get your way. Whatever your poison is. Whatever your desire is. Whatever makes you feel good. So now if I come and tell you truth. Show you. Prove it to you. Confirm it to you. Show you all the facts. Add all the evidence up to complete the entire picture. The only question left in your mind is to decide what will you do when I prove beyond every doubt everything to every question you have.

The question is not can I prove it but when I do prove answer and open your eyes and show you the answers to every question you have then what will you do? Think hard about that! Think real hard. The evils in this world is not one person yet collectively everyone adding to the problem one way or another. The True enemy is within each of you. Within self. Conquer self and then you can conquer evil. Evil always tries to get you on its side thru kindness and being nice. Then if that doesn’t work it will attack you harm you intimidate you. And if that doesn’t work then it will lie about you defame you. If you can overcome all three then evil has no power over you. To do that you have to conquer self evil. By defeating self. Don’t give into self lists and desires. Don’t destroy self. And don’t lie to yourself or about self. Self control patience and love …

As for evidence, proof, even documentation we must remember that even lies can be documented. It then becomes logic and likely stories. And I will tell you that if its on TV, in the news, on CNN or any of the popular news hour programs, its mostly lies and propaganda …

That being said …

Now is this supernatural being in the Vatican? YES! When you study all these so called conspiracies on this site or YouTube or the World Wide Web about world governments, corporate world, banking system, powerful families, religious orders, illuminati, one world order, Jesuits, mass killings, missing children, cults, CIA, FBI, KGB, Israeli, MI16, wars, revolutions, aliens, and supernatural world, and so on …

“In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever” Daniel 2:44

You all need to understand this is not just one group to focus on. It’s a system put in place and perfected over thousands of years. To master the art of slavery thru mastering the art of deception. The banks and corporations all answer to someone. Governments all over the world answer to someone. Religious authorities all answer to someone. Power families that have lineage that dates back to ancient dynasties and empires are at the top of that list. Yet even they all have to answer to somebody. There is order in Satans kingdom. That kingdom is a world wide system with a headquarters obviously. Religion always will be what governs and rules governments. Whether you call them Freemasons, Zionists, Feminists, Illuminati, Nephilims, Aliens makes no difference. They all work under Satanic supervision …

They blind you thru creating racism and hate to divide the people. Then weaken you thru poison the food and water supply. Lie to you thru pharmaceutical corporations to go to doctors as take drugs. Allow narcotics to enter the streets. Pornography. Distract you thru sporting games, amusement parks, luxury vacations, and so on. Control you thru creating fear thru a deception called terrorism which they control so you willfully give up all your rights. Watch you thru modern technology such as phones, digital cable, fiber optic speeds of internet, they give you an illusion of freedom and prosperity and that you own land and assets yet none of that belongs to you. Pay you then tax you to get it all back. Illusion and deception are the weapons they master to control you.

Modern technology has come to existence in less than 100 years yet over 10,000 years what has man done? Where did this so called intelligence come from? Is man that smart? If so why did it take 10s of thousands of years to do what has been done on less than one century?? The facts are right in front of you. Open your eyes and you will see the illusion for what it is. The spells and deceptions will have no more control over your mind. Everyone answers to someone. Just climb the ladder.

Our minds and hearts are controlled and manipulated by entertainment, sports distractions that keep us from reality, from God’s own natural order. People answer to governments and governments answer to powerful families and bankers and corporations and they all answer to powerful religious orders and they all answer to powerful beings that been around for thousands of years and they all answer to powerful supernatural beings that operate in other dimensions and they all answer to Satan.

So where is the seat of that power? Where is the control of authority coming from? Over history it has been Egypt, Persia, Babylon, Greece, and Rome, and at this moment is still Rome, or the ideology that has been passed on from generation to generation and empire to empire. Rome being Europe. Europe being Vatican City. Vatican City being Vatican. Every nation answers to the Vatican. Catholicism is universal religion. It is the only church acknowledge all over the world.

Middle East will not burn a Catholic Church but hate anything that is non Islam. Israel will not speak against the Vatican r Catholic Churches in Israel. Russia will not tear down Catholic Churches yet say they have no religion. Germany would never attack Vatican even during WWII since Hitler was financed by Vatican, and was a puppet of propaganda himself. The Jewish Holocaust was one of the greatest hoax’s ever told.

I’ve shared this before … The Holocaust is the biggest propaganda campaign ever told. Only the Al Qaeda lie is second to it. The death toll of Jews was around a million. Not 6 million. If you research the population of that region during WW2. There were not even 6 million people in that entire part of Europe … It was obviously a fashioned way to create sympathy for the Jewish Zionists. They still control many Hollywood studios today.

That being said, many of the other historical accounts we have been taught about other tyrants are also highly inaccurate and exaggerated to get us supporting wars that all serve an agenda for world domination, drug distribution and oil theft …

” Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power” 1 Corinthians 15:24

Anyhow … The seat of power. The seat of authority. That governs the world and world events. Obviously sin and evil acts of every nature follow when you are ultimately under the spell of sin and deception and caught up in strong delusions. Homosexuality or straight perversion. Child molestation or raping of people. Stealing. Murder. Drunkenness. Laziness. Not caring for others. Selfishness. Unhealthy living. It all comes from believing in the lies and deceptions these powers teach over the years. We pass it on to out kids. False holidays. False truth. Trusting the system. Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong.

” Then the sovereignty, power and greatness of all the kingdoms under heaven will be handed over to the holy people of the Most High. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey him.” Daniel 7:27

The real enemy is each one of us. We all have a fee will to choose. If you just want your way in life and don’t care about truth then they have you in one way or another. Truth is love yourself as love your neighbor more than yourself. That comes from The Almighty. The One Satan still has to answer to whether he likes it or not. He has no more power than the government, only that which we give to him. That’s why he deceives because like most of today’s preachers, he is deceived himself. He knows where he is headed however, and is dragging millions with him …

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