Watchman’s Call Nov 6, 2012 at 11:03pm

Its amazing how much the Egyptian reign over the earth has expanded. Rome, Britain, America … all represent Egyptian power right before our very eyes and we live each day blinded to the true agenda behind our government leaders.

Everything from obelisks, church steeples and the Washington Monument. Even in the media, cartoons and tv commercials many times directed at our kids. The Pharaoh’s faces and Sphinxes, the bull statue on Wall Street … Mount Rushmore. We put a flag up a pole that typically has a golden eagle atop and we pledge our allegiance to it (Daniel 3) Wake people that’s idolatry!

Our flag represents tyranny, not freedom! It represents the 13 wealthy elite families who all wanted a colony or state of their own!

The pyramids, the all seeing eye, the peace sign. Many other symbols of Illuminati and Satanism. These things are everywhere in shopping centers, city streets, on building structures on clothing and all over TV and entertainment …

We swear oaths to people and causes and on the Bible. Matthew 5:34-35 and James 5:12 tell us not to do this. Franklin Pierce and Herbert Hoover lived by this.

Yet we continue in the enjoyment of our everyday lives, brainwashed and happy because we don’t care if we are enslaved by taxes and bills as long as we have our pretty homes, our many possessions and our nice cars.

And they allow us to believe we are voting for presidents and state leaders. We believe that the country is filled with idiots when we get someone like Obama in office, but that is simply not so …

Obama was never voted in to begin with. They put in whoever they can control. Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated because they could not be controlled any longer …

Our military does not fight for our freedoms. They fight for world domination! Our leaders and the worlds leaders are all war mongering buddies who are all in bed with the wealthy corporations.

The money we work for and buy our things and our food with all goes back into the system and pays for the war machines, the mind controlling drugs and vaccinations, the falsified history books for teaching our children lies and sin …

This is why our economy is about to fall. Not because our leaders have utter control over our lives, but because we gave it to them and lost our way. we no longer focus our energy and hearts on what we can do for God. We focus on what God can do for us and we curse Him in our iniquities and paganism …

Its all in the Bible you claim to believe in. Its all in the same Scriptures you conveniently ignore. Well keep watching those television programs every night, keep celebrating those pagan holidays every winter. keep bringing the world into the church … and watch your families go to Hell because you knew the truth and you chose to deny it!

We are not a Christian nation. We never were. What we are is a damned people. We have turned our backs on God. We have feasted our eyes upon the world and we will burn for it …

My heart cries out with the anguish I feel is on God’s own heart for the millions and millions of lost souls. More so for the ones who sit in a pew each week seeking Gods true face and never finding it because no one will teach the truth anymore …

God will neither bless nor save this country because we do not serve Him. We serve the Pharaoh’s and the Caesars and Baal … we belong to the Illuminati, Satan’s own Elite.

But who does your heart truly belong to? Where do your loyalties truly lie? My allegiance is first to God, then family, then fellow man and freedom.

“Flags are colored pieces of cloth used first to shrink wrap people’s brains and then as a ceremonial shroud to bury the dead”

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